50 Shades of Grey: Jamie Dornan Hairstyles 2015

The most expected movie of the season is "Fifty Shades Of Grey" and today let's consider the main actor's appearance and bring out the most popular hairstyles of the hero of 2015. Jemie Dornan is a model and an actor but I am sure that before this movie trailer came forward we hardly knew about him, wherein now Jamie Dornan with all his mens hairstyles and outfit and style will become the sex symbol for millions of women all over the world, the ones who have read the book and the ones who are awaiting to enjoy the movie version of the top hit 50 shades.

Jamie Dornan Hairstyles 2015

The first reaction of many woman when they saw the movie trailer was - where is his sexy beard! Indeed, the glossy and well cut hairstyle, combined with a neat beard make this guy be a real man, extremely attractive, but what do hair trends 2015 prompt us?Mens Hairstyles with beards 2015

Jamie Dornan Elegant Mens Hairstyles 2015 Jamie Dornan Swept Back Mens Hairstyles 2015

This is how he looked before. The thin beard and sometimes not very thin combined with his rich mane. Christian Grey looks fabulous with longer bangs hairstyle, that can be styled swept to side or swept back, depending on occasion. Both of the looks are very fitting the rising star.

Fifty shades of grey hairstyles 2015

Fifty shades of grey hairstyles 2015

And here is the breaking transition from manly but not very neat guy with a beard, to perfectly shaved and cut man who rules hos world and takes what he wants. His character is perfectly accompanied with the mastery play of Dakota Johnson, she is very sexy and sensual in the movie with simple hairstyles with bangs.

Short haircuts for men 2015

Jamie Dornan Buzz Cut Mens Hairstyles 2015 Jamie Dornan Short Hairstyles 2015

In the time of being just a young and perspective model, we could spot the present Christian Grey with youthful buzz cut mens hairstyles and very thin beard that only made him look more manly. The other short haircut he has is also worth copying for young men to look trendy on one hand, and very gentle and strong on the other.

Fifty shades of grey celebrity hairstyles 2015

Fifty shades of grey celebrity hairstyles 2015

They look quite pretty even in real life. Dakota Johnson long hairstyle with feathery bangs is very fitting the celebrity mens hairstyles of the sex idol of our time. The cast choice is amazing, cause they are not very widely known, yet turn out to be quite professional.

Messy hairstyles for men 2015

Jamie Dornan Sensual Hairstyles 2015 Jamie Dornan Messy Hairstyles For Men 2015

If you want to look glamorous and a bit mysterious have a quiff hairstyle for men and style it accurately, combined with the right outfit such hair design will leave great impression. And if you plan to have a wild weekend with friends, you can style a messy mane from the very beginning not to worry about hairstyle later on.