Spectacular Celebrity Long Hairstyles

In this modern world where we are seeking for easy hairstyles that do not need much acre and styling, when we go for short haircuts and timeless bobs to make life easier, on the other end of the story there are still people who adore long hair. And by the way I am not talking about naturally long hair, it can be extensions sported by stars so much. So here we are to discuss celebrity long hairstyles from different epochs, form different world wide known women from Brigitte Bardot to Lady gaga and Selena Gomez.

Spectacular Celebrity Long Hairstyles

Actually hair trends for 2016 have it that long hairstyles are in the mainstream. Long and naturally looking. For sure last season we noticed huge interest to naturally curly and very short hairstyles for black women, but this is specific, on the whole the long hairstyles are fashionable now and will always be.

Naomi Campbell signature long hairstyles

"China: Through The Looking Glass" Naomi Campbell Long Hair

Even though Naomi is a black women that has naturally curly, African-American hair, I can hardly remember a day when she wore her hair as it is. we all recognize her by her statement straight long hairstyles with straight bangs.

Ciara long hairstyles

Ciara long hairstyles

Another black women that boosts ling straight and extremely deep chocolate hairstyles. They look incredible, for sure this seems to be hair extension, but of very high quality.

Celebrity natural long hairstyles

SOFIA VERGARA long hairstyles

Sofia is one of the celebrities that is wearing her own long hair. If you want to grow out you hair like this, make sure that you hair grows glossy and healthy, this is the only way to have fantastic looks with long hair. Otherwise it will look like a disaster.

Celebrity long hairstyles and hair extensions

LADY GAGA long hairstyles SELENA GOMEZ long hairstyles

In the world of show business you should be very flexible for daily makeovers. And changing hair length and color an texture is one of the most co9mmon ways to always look different and trendy. And the majority of celebs are really masters of doing it. In  one of the previous articles we have discussed incredible makeover of Beyonce hairstyles, but as we can see the others are also quite professional.

Long wavy hairstyles by celebrities

Jennifer Lopez long hairstyles Kim Kardashian long hairstyles

If you have long hair and want to make it look more beehive and huge and voluminous, waves are what you need. The slight and soft, barely seen waves on long caramel hairstyles are awesome.

Retro long hairstyles

RAQUEL WELCH long hairstyles DIANA ROSS long hairstyles

And here are some of the most dramatically long hairstyles from the past decades, from Cher to Diana Ross. Well, long hairstyles are incredibly gorgeous and really are worth this adoration, just remember to have healthy hair, shining and impressive.

CHER long hairstyles Brigitte Bardot long hairstyles