Runways: Top Trends for Hairstyles 2017

While the majority of us is still thinking of how to look this summer, the others are already considering the main trends for hairstyles 2017. Though many runways still keep in spotlight hair solutions for spring and summer and winter 2016, we could find out and define the main hair trends for 2017. In general again it is about being natural. Curious enough the recent years stopped sporting complicated designs and shouting colors, all you need to do to be in the mainstream is to look natural. But well, yes, it is not as easy as it may seem. Sometime wearing straight loose hair can be much harder that having an exquisite updo.

Best Hairstyles 2017

Briefly the in vogue hairstyles are now already defined by celebrities and models, and we see the guiding lines very obviously. First of all we are sure to be wearing popular long hairstyles. No matter what grow your hair out. The very popular bob hairstyles will be trendy, but they can be achieved even having long tresses, want to see how?

Faux bob hairstyles 2017

false bob hairstyles 2017 Gigi Hadid false bob hairstyles 2017

As mentioned above bob haircuts will be trendy forever. But do you really need to have it cut? Or bob hairstyle is enough? The modern trends for the next year has already set the tendency for faux bob hairstyles, when you long mane is styled so that it looks like bob. And a bit of gelled wet effect will make it even more prominent.

Runway Braids hairstyles for next year

braids hairstyles 2017 winter braids hairstyles 2017

Braids are the hairstyles that can always be au couture. But the difference between the designs is very definite fro season to season. For summer 2016 we may have some relaxed strands in braids, while for the coming year you better choose among more classy and strict braids. And be sure to have them on the forehead par. like braided bangs.

Naturally curly hairstyles 2017

afro hairstyles 2017

naturally curly afro hairstyles 2017

Last year was triumphal for natural hairstyles for black women. Maria Borges was spotted with very short hair and her natural hair texture, that is to say very curly. And then on we see here and there on runways natural curls, voluminous and dizzy, and the designers seem to really love these afro hairstyles.

Vintage hairstyles from runways

retro hairstyles 2017 vintage hairstyles 2017

Meanwhile the modern trends tend to make you look casual and relaxed, I must say that there are always people and there are always some special occasion when you have to look spectacular and strictly elegant. And here you are sure to go for retro hairstyles with Victorian rolls or bouncy boho weaves and soft finger waves with jewel headbands.

Side swept hairstyles 2017

side swept hairstyles 2017 Cara Delevingne side swept hairstyles 2017

This choice depends totally on your own preferences. Some sport center parts, the others side parts.For sure, recently center parts have become more fashionable and modern, however side swept hair is also trendy.

Long Wavy hairstyles

wavy hairstyles 2017 Gigi Hadid wavy hairstyles 2017

If you leave it all to designers, I assure you you will look like a homeless finally, with minimalistic make up and outfit, and of course with the simplest hairstyles ever. These are the trends they will say. But no one can keep you away from looking gorgeous. Just style hair wavy and be sure to have a good hair color to fit your skin tone.

Celebrity Center parted hairstyles for 2017

Kendall Jenner center parted hairstyles 2017 Gigi Hadid center parted hairstyle runway center parted hairstyles 2017

And finally center parts. They are trendy no doubt. For some they may seem too simple and plain, for others they are incredibly astounding. Well, it's up to you to decide now that you are aware of the hair trends for 2017.