Hair Trends 2016 Fall: Hairstyles & Accessories

Looking forward to having a careless summer with relaxed loose hairstyles, why not to keep up with hair trends for fall 2016? We have discussed before the main designer solutions for popular hairstyles for the coming autumn, and today I would like to draw your attention to tender hairstyles and hair accessories from 2016 runways and fashion events. actually while for summer we can barely see any accessories, for fall season the looks are full of hair pieces, the majority of which are incredible and precious jewel hair accessories, like crowns and tiaras. Maybe these looks are not very casual meant for every day life, but they are very impressive.

Best hairstyles and accessories 2016 fall

With cute and tender updo hairstyles completed with a a jewel head piece you will look like a princess, a real princess I mean, cause the atmosphere created around such an image is indeed fabulous.

Exquisite hairstyles and hair accessories

Rodarte hairstyles 2016 fall Dolce & Gabbana hairstyles 2016 fall

Sonia Rykiel hairstyles 2016 fall Erdem hairstyles 2016 fall

When we talk about spring and summer, we somehow imagine relaxed looks and careless time, we are all waiting for adventures and are open to changes. But when it comes to autumn web somehow change to being more strict and reserved and yes elegant. The hairstyles for fall 2016 are quite different from SS16 images, they are solemn and very elegant, with headpieces turning the looks into masterpieces.

Tiara hair accessories 2016 fall

Tommy Hilfiger hairstyles 2016 fall

Marchesa hairstyles 2016 fall Alexander McQueen hairstyles 2016 fall

The above looks are smashing. The spectacular fusion of tender womanly look that grows into a queen look under the influence of the crown on the head. In reality the designers chose quite expensive and precious hair accessories for their models, that is why the appearance is queen worth.

Ponytails and hair accessories

Suno hairstyles 2016 fall

Among the luxury and the fantastic expensive jewel head pieces, we could spot some very modest solutions that are awesome in spite of being quite simple. To adorn your plain center parted ponytail you can use a long strain made of velvet fibre. Well, it is simple but don't you see that velvet make this hair accessory unique and very sensual?

Headbands and hairstyles FW16

Versace hairstyles 2016 fall H&M Studio hairstyles 2016 fall Gucci hairstyles 2016 fall

Another trend entering hairstyles world now is the headband. In some cases it is very thin and neat, and in other cases we face bandanna coming back to fashion. Not funky for sure, these hair accessories look quite exquisite and solemn. And you can leave your hair as it is without styling and just wear the headband that will cover it all and look trendy.