Runways: Backstage Hairstyles 2016 Fall

In this era of selfies, one can hardly keep away from taking some shots from time to time, to show off popular hairstyles we wear, make up we try, outfit we put on, places we visit.  And this is not only about common people, but about celebrities, abut pop stars, models and actors. At the most important fashion events like Big Four Fashion Weeks, when are looking froward to see on the catwalk the most spectacular looks for the coming seasons, the models take a chance to make some hots selfies backstage and reveal the best celebrity hairstyles to us, to get ready for the trendy appearances this fall 2016. The looks turn out to be quite authentic and natural, and by that different from the runway looks.

Fall 2016 Backstage hairstyles - Gigi Hadid at Chanel

Not all of the selfies are showing off designers' styles and hair solutions, some are really just backstage photos, with original and relaxed cute hairstyles. Well, let's go now to see the natural looking hairstyles and trends just from behind the curtain of the runways.

Long center parted hairstyles 2016

Fall 2016 Backstage hairstyles - Taylor Hill at Fendi Fall 2016 Backstage hairstyles - Karlie Kloss at Balmain

Fall 2016 Backstage hairstyles -  Sara Sampaio at Balmain

Looking back at the backstage photos from all the four recent fashion weeks, one thing gets noticed at once - long relaxed center parted hairstyles. The majority of models other really like the style, or this is the trend sported by the designers to complement the make up and outfit.

Fall 2016 Backstage hairstyles -  Lindsey Wixson at Chanel Fall 2016 Backstage hairstyles - Diane von Furstenberg

The girls' selfie from Diane von Furtsenberg sports a bit retro trend - center parted long hair and bouncy curls so popular some decades ago.

Kendall Jenner long straight hairstyles 2016

Fall 2016 Backstage hairstyles -  Kendall Jenner at Elie Saab

All the models are going through a real transformation from collection to collection. But of them has something unique. For Kendall, I am sure it is her deep brunette long hairstyle.

Long straight hairstyles from runways 2016

Fall 2016 Backstage hairstyles -  Taylor Hill at H&M Studio

Extra long hairstyles from the times of Brigitte Bardot and Cher seem to be in the mainstream again. Super straight and super long hairstyles on H&M models are very impressive.

Fall 2016 Backstage hairstyles - Irina Shayk

Even updo hairstyles on backstage selfies are center parted. Irina Shayk with very tight and polished low ponytail, wears it center parted.

Karlie Kloss natural hairstyles 2016

Fall 2016 Backstage hairstyles - Lily Aldridge and Karlie Kloss at Carolina Herrera Fall 2016 Backstage hairstyles - Karlie Kloss

And here are some very natural shots from Karlie Kloss. Her statement blonde hair is a bit wavy and messy, like just out of bed. Still, she looks very stylish.