Messy Hairstyles

Tousled hairstyles like after sleep have some unique charm and allure around them, one can never say that they look untidy. They look very sexy and untamed, no matter what 'do you choose, updo hairstyles, a bit boyish pixie, loose and straight or wavy and up. Actually messy hairstyles fit any hair length and quality, it;s ice to war short messy hairstyle as well as midi and long one. Messy hairstyles will arm you with a great choice of styles to fit any event, cause messy 'do can look stylish and elegant as well as relaxed and romantic.

If you happen to see modern catwalk hairstyles you may think that the models simply never comb hair and just from bed come to the runway. well messy style is not complicated to create, anyways you should know some useful tips.

  • Dry your hair without brush and just run fingers through tresses
  • Random curling of hair strands with curling iron
  • Blowdrying hair upside down to add volume and' define the layers
  • Use texturizer to keep the volume and mess
  • Some hairspray at the end for long lasting effect

With short hair it's al easier, apply wax on wet hair and dry it, and again some wax to make vivid edges and underlined style.

Besides messy curly hairstyle and blow dried straight hair, messy hairstyles are meant for any hair design you may think of; messy updos, messy bun, messy French braids, and fishtails, messy knots, just start experimenting, but before look at some examples of cutest messy hairstyles.

curly messy hairstyles

Sarah Jessica Parker's lovely curly hairstyle. It looks so natural, yet well planned, with light sand blonde highlights on the sides and accurately messed curls.

Angelina Jolie formal messy updo hairstyle

Extremely graceful hairstyle, so elegant and indeed simple. Just genial combination of style and functionality.

messy braided updo

This messy knot with waterfall braid will make you stand out of the crowd, it can be combined with casual outfit, as well as formal dress.

messy bob haircut

This messy bob haircut will speak louder than any words, so dramatic and daring decision. You can create it without too much efforts, just comb hair back, dry it and apply hair spray to fix the result.

backcombed messy hairstyle

Seems like she was caught in strong wind that created this romantic messy hairstyle. It looks very natural, yet needs some styling skills.