Inspire with Celebrity Hairstyles 2016 Summer

The main source of inspiration for hair trends 2016 for the majority of us are the celebrities we love - from actresses, to pop stars and top models. To understand what popular hairstyles for summer to choose let´s consider the celebs look. As tendencies have it the natural looks should be the main aim to follow. Choose for summer hairstyles the right hair color in first place. It can be some subtle sunkissed blonde with warm caramel highlights.However if you are natural brunette, you don´t have to go for fair colors for summer. Just make sure to have healthy and glossy tresses and to get summer looks add some thin highlights or babylights. On the other hand, the solid deep brown hair colors will also look magnificent in the sunlight.

Celebrity hairstyles 2016 summer

And the trends for black girls are also amazingly nice - natural curly hairstyles. Yes, without any protective braids and twists, just the authentic curls, dense and deeply brunette. Summer is almost in here, so get inspired right now!

Selena Gomez celebrity hairstyles 2016

Selena Gomez Celebrity wavy hairstyles 2016 summer Selena Gomez Celebrity messy hairstyles 2016 summer

Selena Gomez brunette hair color

If you are a brunette, look at Selena´s hairstyles. The deep color almost never changing, and the statement long tresses. t is adorable. She can play with shades and tones from time to time to have fresh looks each time.

Adriana Lima celebrity hairstyles

Adriana Lima Celebrity hairstyles 2016 summer

Another hot brunette known all over the world. She doesn't change the hair length and color for summer style. She just updates her image with more glossy and shiny hair. And this is very important for sunny weather.

Eva Mendez sulky copper hairstyles

Eva Mendes Celebrity hairstyles 2016 summer

Shakira curly hairstyles

Shakira Celebrity hairstyles 2016 summer

The trends oblige us to stay natural. And some of the natural hairstyles are amazing. Shakira's statement curls with which she started her career are trendy even now, so many years after. This proves one again that natural looks are always on-trend.

Celebrity lob hairstyles 2016 summer

Eva Longoria Celebrity hairstyles 2016 summer Jennifer Lopez Celebrity hairstyles 2016 summer Rosario Dawson Celebrity hairstyles 2016 summer

The new tendency that came forward not very long ago is the lob hairstyles. So if you are wearing a bob now, do not go for trimming for a couple of months and you will be the lucky owner of the au couture long bob haircuts that are seen on the great many celebrities now.

Celebrity short haircuts

Demi Lovato Celebrity hairstyles 2016 summer

If you cant' wait until your bob turn into a more trendy variation of lib, and you still want to make some changes in your outfit for the coming summer time, you are free to go for a short haircut.

Celebrity black natural hairstyles 2016

Yaya DaCosta Celebrity hairstyles 2016 summer Lupita Nyongo Celebrity hairstyles 2016 summer

And for black women the trends are quite nice this time, with no exhausting protective styles. Just your natural curls, whether long or short, both are equally voguish and appropriate for summer looks.