Cutest Top Knots 2016 Summer

Updo hairstyles are astounding. They are very useful also. when after cold winter, the hottest seasons come forward you must be ready that long loose hairstyles will be quite stressful. he heat, the sweating will cause you discomfort. An this is why you should be armed with updo hairstyles for spring 2016. Well, updos can also be of different design - from the complicated official looks to the most simple and beloved ponytails. But why go to extremes? For daily life we can choose a very simple yet quite stylish solution - top knots. These trendy hairstyles have won public attention, from models on runways, to celebrities on red carpets and ahead to common people top knots now are seen on everybody.

Best Top Knots Hairstyles 2016

And the good thing is that top knot hairstyles can also be of various styles, from the most plain designs to some curious appearances jazzed up with braids and bows and accessories. So, why not be on-trend and find the best top knot hairstyles now!

Braids into top knot hairstyles

cute braid into updo hairstyles 2016 spring Braided knots hairstyles 2016

gorgeous braid into a knot

Here is one my favourite designs of top knots. On the one hand it is just the simplest updo ever. But the look is upgraded with super trendy reverse braid, that falls on the back part of the head. By the way you can try having the braid on the front part as well and end it in a high top knot .

Top knots and glasses for 2016 spring

huge top knot hairstyles 2016 top knot hairstyles 2016 spring

careless top knot hairstyles 2016

There was time when people with glasses were mocked and laughed at. But the trends have drastically changed recently and no many of us wear stylish glasses just for image, in case we do not actually need them. And well, I like this tendency indeed. The glasses look very cute and harmonious with messy careless top knots. And damn it it is sexy!

Top knots ending in bangs hairstyles

trendy top knot hairstyles 2016 elegant top knot hairstyles 2016

Designers' and hairstylists' imagination is limitless. The top knot ending in a  bang is the highest level of creativity. You don not usually wear bangs, and then suddenly you can attend somewhere with the simple knot, where the ends come forward onto your forehead to form fringes. Genial!

Cara Delevingne top knots

Cara Delevingne top knot hairstyles 2016

If you are invited to some very important event, you can dress yourself quite smartly and choose the best solution for evening hairstyle. The trends 2016 will advice having a a high knot or a bun, plain and easy, but be sure to add some smashing accessories, like some earrings, that will draw eyes.

simple top knot hairstyles 2016

Half updo hairstyles 2016

Half updo hairstyles 2016 spring Half updo hairstyles 2016 spring

And let's shift our attention to half updos. These hairstyles occupy their unique place in the world of fashion. They are quite manageable, cause on the one hand you can boost your hair length, or high quality, and on the other half top knots allow you to take hair away from face and save you from getting nervous.