Chic Christmas Party Hairstyles to Start 2016

When magic is all around, when we become childish and start to believe in miracles – be sure Christmas is all around! This is the time for magical makeover and the holiday hairstyles should be your best guide to get the most fabulous looks ever. It is not only about gifts and presents about families uniting to celebrate the Christmas Eve, but it is also about impressing everybody around with incredible appearance that shouldn’t be casual on the one hand, and shouldn´t cry out loudly on the other.

New Year Party Hairstyles 2016

The most popular hairstyles for holidays season include simple design that are accompanied with hair accessories such as red ribbons and headbands, bows and bobby pins. Hair length doesn’t mean much, but hair trends 2016 state that one should go for long hairstyles, and indeed they are a good base for inventing and creating party hairstyles. Curious, here we go to see the chic Christmas party hairstyles!

Sexy New Year hairstyles

Party Christmas Hairstyles

Well, it is no secret that dressing in Santa outfit is really very sexy, and if you have gorgeous long hair to make bouncy curls and add red lipstick, you will become unforgettable! This is can be called the best gift for your man, eh?

Christmas Party Bow hairstyles

Cute Party Bow Hairstyles

Paris Hilton Party Bow Hairstyles

Bow hairstyles are unbelievable, they are so cute and you can’t find something more appropriate for New Year holiday hairstyles. Gifts are the first thing to come to our minds when we talk about Christmas, and a bow on your head will make you look like a gift yourself!

Christmas Party Bow Hairstyles Party Messy Bow Hairstyles

You can try bow ribbons and headbands, to complete your look, or you can put in some more efforts and go for bows made out of your hair. These ones are so nice and are sported a lot among celebrities. Messy Party Christmas Hairstyles

Long hairstyles for Christmas party

Cara Delevingne Retro Party Hairstyles

Fergie Vintage Party Hairstyles for Christmas Christmas Party Vintage Hairstyles

If for the Christmas Eve you are planning to have a real cocktail party, then you should think of your image thoroughly. Make sure to wear the Christmas colors both in your outfit and make-up and hair accessories as well. For the official party try the elegant vintage hairstyles with bob styles and finger waves, with bouncy blonde waves and Marilyn Monroe like hairstyles, with atmosphere from the fifties.

Christmas Party Updo Hairstyles 2016

Party Braids Hairstyles 2016 Party Christmas Hairstyles with a headband

For cozy holidays among friends and family, the best choice for sure are not very complicated and not very bright party hairstyles, that can be easily created with just one hair accessory – a headband hair accessory. On short hair it looks awesome, making your cute pixie look elegant, on long hair it adds some party spirits.

Party Christmas Hairstyles with black headband Party Christmas Hairstyles with red headband Party Braids and flowers

And finally for the most exquisite Christmas lovers, here is the most sufficient hairstyle with the image of winter on the head. If you are that daring why not try creating it with your hairstylist of course. Fabulous New Year Hairstyles