Best Couples and Hairstyles 2016 Oscar’s

Oscar´s Academy Awards 2016 brought not so many sensational new and nomination and no that we know everything, we can take a look back at the stars and celebrities. The women hairstyles at Oscar´s were surpassing, elegant and simple. The dresses also stand out with their modesty and style. And among all this beauty there is one thing worth attention - the celebrity couples and the harmonious looks. Red carpet events become a real competition for star couples to win hearts and to prove their being the best couple with the best fitting outfit and overwhelming celebrity hairstyles.

Best couples and hairstyles at Oscar´s 2016

In this article you will see the most amazing couples, that enlighten us, prepare for spring 2016, for love and more beautiful moments in our lives. Not all of us have had such perfect composition of trends and fashion, uniting us with our better halves. The Oscar's red carpet can be called the best catwalk to show off your relations in the best way.

Leo and Kate at Oscar's 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet hairstyles at Oscar´s 2016

Talking about the couples, I do not necessarily mean married couples or people in an intimate relationship. For example, Kate and Leo showed off together. She was also nominated for the best second plan actress, but mostly Kate was there to support Leo. So many years have passed after "Titanic" and they still fit each other greatly. I al;so have to mention Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyles. Not long ago we talked about his makeover. And again at Oscar's we saw him with a thin beard and very elegant side swept short haircut. Quite manly.

Celebrity couples in black at Oscar's Academy Awards 2016

TOM HARDY & CHARLOTTE RILEY hairstyles at Oscar´s 2016

Usher hairstyles at Oscar´s 2016 Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin hairstyles at Oscar´s Awards 2016 Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Redmayne hairstyles at Oscar´s Awards 2016 KEVIN HART & ENIKO PARRISH hairstyles at Oscar´s 2016 CHRISTIAN BALE & SIBI BLAZIC hairstyles at Oscar´s 2016

When going to an official event, you must know that black color is the one that can hardly spoil any look. It fits the solemn and serious situation and black dresses fit any women, despite her hair length and color. The majority of celebrities choose having straight or a bit wavy hairstyles, mostly side swept. The couples both in black look nice, but as for me a bit bring.

Various celebrity couples and hairstyles 2016 Oscar's

MARK RUFFALO & SUNRISE COIGNEY hairstyles at Oscar´s 2016 NAOMI WATTS & LIEV SCHREIBER hairstyles at Oscar´s 2016

I can hardly pass along the bob haircut of Naomi Watts. Yes, bob is forever, now the long bob is very trendy. Totally blonde and nostalgically swept to one side, it is amazing.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend hairstyles at Oscar´s Awards 2016

Some of us get pregnant and become fat and it all, but Chrissy with each day seems to blossom more and more. The chic dress with flowers underlines her round belly in the most spectacular way. And the simple and modest bun hairstyle only underlines her growing beauty.

DAVE GROHL & JORDYN BLUM hairstyles at Oscar´s 2016 MATT DAMON & LUCIANA BARROSO hairstyles at Oscar´s 2016 Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney hairstyles at Oscar´s Awards 2016

It seems to me or it is really Lady gaga accompanied by her boyfriend? It looks like the times of crazy and extremely extravagant looks have vanished in the past and no we face a very tender and elegant woman, looking like Marilyn Monroe, her hair blonde, styled retro and yes, it is another lob haircut.

OLIVIA WILDE & JASON SUDEIKIS hairstyles at Oscar´s 2016

The couples stepping along the red carpet are astounding and fantastic, each little trifle in the looks is thoroughly thought over, and most importantly they really look like couples, like one body and union. I love it.