11 Shades of Platinum Blonde You Will Love

Which is the hottest summer hair color? Or better say which is the hottest color of right now? The answer is right here - platinum blonde hair color. The bleached hair shades have been popular for ages, however at some distinct moment they simply went viral. This moment was last year, around spring when celebrities like Taylor Swift and Emma Stone decided to just go white. Well, this was over a year ago. Trends change, for sure. However, the platinum hair remain on trend. And it already has its own shades and tones to fit your skin tone, eyes color and maybe even mood.

best shades of platinum blonde hair color

Below you will find some of the most popular shades of this extra trendy color, that will definitely inspire your for action. However, do not rush to buy hair hue at once, the process of going blonde can take some time, and better leave it to a pro.

Butter blonde

Gwen Stefani butter platnum blonde hair colors

We can call Gwen the queen of bleached blonde hair. Never failing her favorite color, but always trying new shades. And the red lipstick accompanies her look forever.

Silver blonde shade

Jennifer Lawrence silver platinum blonde hair colors

There existed time when women were ashamed of their greying hair and rushed to buy darker hues to make them look younger. Thank goodness, now even very young ladies love to turn to silver hair color.

Rooty platinum blonde hair color

Kristen Stewart rooty platinum blonde hair colors

One of the trends for bleached blonde hair is having roots darker, or perhaps if inborn color. Some consider rooty blonde looks natural.

Barbie blonde hair

Lady Gaga bleached creamy blonde hair color

This top artist has gone through many makeovers, but the classy Marylin Monroe like look is the very feminine one.

White hair shade

Kylie Jenner white platinum blonde hair colors

Meanwhile some of Kardashian-Jenner sister stick to their jet black hair colors, Kylie never stops experimenting with various incredible colors.

Gray platinum blonde hair

Cara Delevingne platinum gray hair colors

This matte silver blonde color of Cara is perhaps our beloved one. However, we all know that the model has already shifted to shaved head.

Soft shiny blonde

Kate Bosworth nude platinum blonde hair colors

Platinum blonde can look this much vivid and shiny, just choose the right straw accent in your hair color.

Moonlit blonde shade

Lily Donaldson shiny bleached blonde hair shade

Go very very white! This is trendy, but only when your hair is healthy and glossy. So make sure to get a gradual transition to ensure quality makeover.

Matte platinum blonde hair color

Michelle Williams white platinum hair

There is some special atmosphere in matte platinum hair. No shine and gloss, but so much emotion and passion. A good option to give it a try.

Dark roots light ends

Miley Cyrus platinum blonde hair with dark roots

Even on quite short hair, you can make it look more authentic with dark roots.

Real bleached blonde

Poppy Delevingne creamy platinum blonde hair

And here is the look that is the very color that we call bleached blonde.