MTV EMA’s 2015 Celebrity Hairstyles

Each year the MTV music awards become not only music event but also a bright flash in fashion world introducing celebrity hairstyles and outfits that tend to be the most trendy looks for the forthcoming seasons. Unlike the VMA’s that brings forward typically American style, or Latin Music Awards that is all about hot Latin rhythms and lifestyle, the European Music Awards represent truly European tact and superb style. It is a bit colder, a bit more conservative, though the outfits can be quite revealing and sexy, the idea of European values is seen though the extravagant looks and make-up and hairstyles of celebrities.

EMAs 2015 Celebrity Hairstyles

The EMA’s 2015 were hold in Milan, Italy and subconsciously any of us can sense the scent of style whenever it comes to Italy and its fashion cities. The red carpet flooded with uprising stars, and it is worth to have a look at their hair designs to come to know what is going to be trendy there in Europe. Here we go now with a smart selection of popular hairstyles pictures from EMA’s red carpet.

Extravagant celebrity hairstyles

Tallia Storm celebrity hairstyles from EMAs 2015

There are always the ones who like to go to extremes and stand out of the crowd with unbelievable dresses, hairstyles and make-up. At EMA’s this was mostly about Tallia Storm with her incredible high hair.

Celebrity easy hairstyles

Ashley Benson celebrity hairstyles from EMAs 2015

Some of the celebrities are so cute that do not really need to invent hairstyles and make-up tricks. Ashley Benson showed off her beauty with a simple wavy lob hairstyle, just like we see her in Pretty Little Liars series.

Jess Glynne celebrity hairstyles from EMAs 2015 Tori Kelly celebrity hairstyles from EMAs 2015

Some other choose to be very curly, and it looks awesome, careless and relaxed.

Wet effect hairstyles

Shay Mitchell celebrity hairstyles from EMAs 2015

Backcombed wet effect hairstyles were spotted not only in SS16 collections but also on any events and shows. This time the pretty little liar wore a deep V-neck dress, revealing her young breast and the look was completed by a long swept back hairstyle. She looks really inspiring, but when we have a closer look, we can find out common features with Kim Kardashian’s looks - white dresses and wet hairstyles swept back.

Updo hairstyles 2016

Ruby Rose celebrity hairstyles from EMAs 2015 Hailey Baldwin celebrity hairstyles from EMAs 2015 Bianca Balti celebrity hairstyles from EMAs 2015

Some celebrities like to complicate things, and hairstyles too. Braided hairstyle of Ruby Rose really requires some time, still it looks fantastic. While the simple ponytail of Bianca Balti is also quite cute and worth copying.

Celebrity long hairstyles EMA’s 2015

Amanda Cerny celebrity hairstyles from EMAs 2015 -1 Elettra Lamborghini celebrity hairstyles from EMAs 2015 Charli XCX celebrity hairstyles from EMAs 2015

Long hair never going out of fashion proves its being trendy on any possible occasion, on any red carpet and runway. And here we come to see long tresses prodly worn by the most wanted celebs in Europe. They do look gorgeous, simply styled and so elegant.

Ellie Goulding celebrity hairstyles from EMAs 2015

The simple medium length hairstyles of Ellie Goulding would be nothing if not the extremely impressive hair color merging between yellow, orange and even green somehow. Well, she managed to catch eyes.