10 Best Oscar Updo Hairstyles Of All Time

Throughout all the years of its existence Oscars red carpet is considered to be the most place where we can see the most elegant, the most refined looks. During the whole year so many events take place in the world of cinematography and music and fashion, but it is only Academy Awards that hosts so many celebrities. Above all, it really obliges to delicate images. Perhaps, this is why for this big events the actors and actresses, all the top artists accept the challenge and do their best to look appropriate. Today we will look back to see best Oscar updo hairstyles of all time. Sure, there are quite many beautiful looks among loose styles as well. For example, the iconic Hollywood waves hairstyles that can't be compared with anything and can never be replaced.

best Oscars updo hairstyles

However, we often associate elegance with neat and polished chic updos, the best of which are below in this article.

Half updo hairstyles at Oscar Awards

Angelina Jolie half updo hairstyles at Oscars Brie Larson half updo hairstyles at Oscars

There is some reason why Kate Middleton hairstyles are almost always half updos. Indeed, they are great ways to show hair length and texture. Also, you still have hair fixed up and revealing face. Due to this half up half down hairstyles appear on the red carpets on such celebrities as Angelina Jolie.

Celebrity braided updos on the red carpet

Jessica Alba updo hairstyles at Oscars Chrissy Teigen messy braids hairstyles at Oscars

Meanwhile Oscar hairstyles 2017 were mainly about old Hollywood waves taking us back to the most glamorous moments in history, braids still fond their place. Messy ponytails, or tight braided updos, all look nice.

Classy Oscar updo hairstyles

Emma Stone updo hairstyles at Oscars


Penelope Cruz updo hairstyles at Oscars

Quite often what we see on the most important red carpet of the year are simple bun hairstyles. Well, maybe not that simple, but the conceptions is familiar to all of us. Some celebrities prefer slicked and neat looks, while other go for messy styles, with some strands out to create more dramatic images. In any case, such hairstyles are appropriate for any first class event, you can wear them to your wedding even.

Creative elegant celebrity updo hair

Kate Winslet updo hairstyles at Oscars Sarah Jessica Parker updo hairstyles at Oscars Michelle Williams celebrity downdo hairstyles

Even though, all the Oscar updo hairstyles are united by the idea of high taste, they are not the same at all. There is left much space for self expression and for unique style each lady has. The updos we see on celebrities are messy and lazy, strict and reserved, wild and rebel, modest and soft.