Retro Hairstyles

Vintage Hairstyles To Wear In Summer 2015

When we speak about vintage looks and 1920's or 1940's or 1960's what comes to mind in first place are the gorgeous hairstyles that had their unique impact on fashion trends of modern time. During these decades many things have happened in history, like landing on the Moon, but what fascinates women most are the vintage hairstyles of soft big waves, or 60's pixie haircuts and straight geometric shapes. Modern retro hairstyles to be popular in summer 2015 have all the things from their vintage antecedents but for sure the modern touches have updated them to look better and more stylish.

Retro Hairstyles 2015

In our present day life we have many things coming back from the past time, and like the new fashionable bug-eyed sunglasses, we have in the mainstream the popular hairstyles of retro style with pins and bob haircuts, with long waves and extra short bangs. This article will show you the comparison of celebrity retro hairstyles and their newer version that are trendy in 2015 and you should hurry to copy them before they become history once again. (more…)

On-Trend Vintage Hairstyles 2015 Spring

Vintage hairstyles are the ones that come into fashion from time to time and bring new ideas from the past to the future. Many well known celebrities often choose retro hairstyles like Taylor Swift, the others only sometimes have the looks from past, but be sure that each retro look is modern when you have some new modern touches. Among hair trends 2015 vintage styles stand alone and show off unique style and even character. If we consider popular retro hairstyles with bandanas we will see that they are funky and youthful. And if speak about vintage curls and waves, we will refer to elegant and very feminine style.

Vintage Hairstyles 2015

So it all depends on the looks you want to create, whether it is flirty and playful with rolled bangs, or colorful bandanas, or you want to have short haircuts with quiff, or the aristocratic vintage waves. To get convinced that vintage hairstyles are up-to-date and quite stylish, let's go through my gallery right now. (more…)

Wearing Long Hairstyles in 2015 Will Be Trendy

long hairstyles for 2015

Long hairstyles 2015 seem to be reality after being shown everywhere during recent Fashion Weeks all around the world.

Once chin length hairstyles came into fashion, gthey were sported by all the well know celebrities Jennifer Aniston being among the first stars to try it. We could see so many variations of bob hairstyles and its derivative lob, that one could hardly speak of monotony. Still, hair trends 2015 are really all about long hair. And still there are some months to try to grow off tresses cause I assure you that wearing long hairstyles in 2015 will be trendy. Now we see that extreme haircuts, bold solutions and asymmetrical designs seem to be gone to past, while we happen to face smooth and easy long hairstyles, that will give you very feminine appearance. Seems that trends of past decades visit us again this fall and winter and whole SS15 season and retro hairstyles of the past are turning to smashing modern hair designs. (more…)

2015 Hairstyles Trends and Berlin Fashion Week

2015 hairstyles trends from berlin fashion week

2015 Hairstyles trends are thoroughly discussed now and Berlin Fashion Week was among the first catwalk shows to introduce the best hair designs. If you want to bee on trend in the coming seasons, follow this post to get to know the most awesome 2015 hairstyles trends.

More than 50 designers were to introduce their best fashion solutions for 2015 spring/summer season, and the show was believed to be successful even before it started. Among well known models you could Tilda Swinton, the British actress that is known not only for her great talent, but for style as well. Her forever short haircuts was introduce among 2015 hair trends and Berlin Fashion Week had her among the supermodels to represent new fashion designs and futuristic hairstyles solution. Yet the truth is that the coming seasons will be full of retro hairstyles, 1950's hairstyles have made a huge comeback and the catwalk models wore the best retro styles updated with modern tricks. (more…)

Lovely Head Scarves for Summer Hairstyles 2014

summer head scarves 2014

Ladies, I know well enough that quite often we become tired of our own image and style. Still to change haircuts and hair colors all the time is not for many of us. Particularly on hot summer days we need to leave hair straight and untouched without applying any efforts, and yet we seek for good looks. What to do in this case? I have an answer here - hair accessories, precisely head scarves that appear to be perfect complements for retro hairstyles in hot summer days. With headwraps and scarves you can create any style you may like. You don't believe me? Let's check out lovely head scarves for summer hairstyles 2014 and get convinced that scarves are a gorgeous hair accessory of all times. (more…)

Short Wavy Hairstyles

messy short haircuts

The everlasting argument within each woman: curly hair women want to style them sleek, while straight hair owners want them wavy. But is it easy to wear wavy hairstyles? Yes, they look cute and nice, and romantic as well. Still how to take care of them? A lot of women around the world spend hours straightening curls to get easy hair just for some time. For hot seasons curly women start thinking about short haircuts and the problems they are going to have, cause nobody will want curls stretching out irregularly all through your head. But modern styles offer us short wavy hairstyles designed specially for curly hair texture, they are easy to maintain and look very attractive. Let's consider some of them right away. (more…)

Long Hairstyles for Thin Hair

bouffant hairstyles

We often meet ladies with long tresses that are thin and actually not all of us know how to represent such locks in the best way. I will advice you not to wear thin hair loose, cause fine and not voluminous image will spoil your long hairstyle. But you can try fantastic updo and downdo hairstyles that modern hair professionals invent and offer us each time. Braids and twists won't look good enough, thin bun and ponytails as well, but locks and curls and highlights that will visually boost hair texture will be flattering. Important thing to keep in mind is hair care, cause we all know that long hairstyles require much effort and time, you have to use quality products to make hair glossy and healthy, this is the guaranty of fabulous hairstyle. And now let's finally examine the pictures of long hairstyles for thin hair to find the best fitting designs for you. (more…)