Ponytail Hairstyles

Hair trends 2015: Smashing Ponytails

ponytail hairstyles 2015

Ponytails are one of the favourite hairstyles for the coming spring 2015 season making the headturning comeback with famous sumo knots at New York Fashion Week.

Indeed the whole summer and previous seasons we were talking about loose and relaxed hairstyles making much accent on beach waves, short bob haircuts and pixies. While now we clearly can see the long hairstyles tendency for 2015 and it's high time to let your tresses grow. For sure boho waves discussed before are extremely trendy but what makes ponytails so unique is their simple design and elegant looks. Besides ponytails can save your hours of styling and make you look amazing even on bad hair days. For ladies with greasy hair, the ponytail popular hairstyles are a real fortune, cause you can forget about washing hair every now and then and style a gorgeous ponytail instead. So let's have a look at runway hairstyles pictures. (more…)

Hair Colors 2015: What’s Hot?

hair colors 2015

Hair colors 2015 have been discussed slightly when talking about recent Fashion weeks, but today let's devote the whole article to hair colors of the coming seasons.

Pastel hair colors have come back on the Fashion Weeks stages but do they become popular out the stage among people? Not that quickly I suppose. The best hair colors 2015 are those staying closer to natural tones and shades. Yet some bold solutions can also be appropriate. The trendy hairstyles are those in which you feel modern and fashionable, from baby-lights and ombre, to deep auburn and edgy hair colors, from pure burgundy to highlighted blonde hair shades. So if you seem to lack hairstyles for the coming SS15 season, go on looking for hair color inspiration, cause with new hair color your individuality will be filled with new spirits and you will conquer the world with your style. This article will reopen the world of colors right now! (more…)

Dazzling Celebrity Ideas On Ponytail Hairstyles 2015


Ponytail hairstyles have been with us throughout the history and each woman know this life saving style to use in any situation and mostly on bad hair days.

However, recent hair trends 2015 have take these popular hairstyles to new heights, and we now can't speak of a ponytail as of a simple saving way in a critical hair condition. New hairstyles for spring summer 2015 include very curious ponytail designs and we even spoke before about the sensational Sumo Knots introduced during New York Fashion Week by Carolina Herrera. The modern updo hairstyles are exquisite and quite diverse. And the old good and simple ponytails have now turned into real masterpieces that have character and reflect your mood, position and style. As almost always the best choices of trendy styles are the celebrity hairstyles that in this article will reveal to you the strength of ponytail hairstyles 2015. (more…)

How to Have Perfect Ponytail Hairstyles 2015?

ponytail hairstyles 2015

Ponytails are a lifesaver in many sense: on the one hand they are beautiful hairstyles and on the other the most popular hairstyles for bad hair days.

During the preparation for the spring 2015 fashion show by Oscar de la Renta, it was noted that the famous hair stylist Orlando Pita was much involved in creating ponytail hairstyles. When talked to him, we revealed some curious details about the most easy and simple hairstyles ever. It appears that the old good ponytail we all had at school can change its character and your image depending on its position. Hair trends 2015 simply adore simple hairstyles, that is why this ponytail placement tips are necessary for each woman to look fantastic during spring summer 2015. Details always determine the whole scene, and ponytail height and place determine your whole image. the thing is to decide low, middle or high ponytail will show you in the limelight. (more…)

Slicked Back Hairstyles 2015 Spring/ Summer Trends

slicked back hairstyles 2015 1

Ladies with thin and greasy hair, come closer - slicked back and wet effect hairstyles will be the main hair trend 2015 during spring/summer season.

If you have fine hair that seems to attract grease in an instance after being freshly washed, I must say that you are the lucky one. New York and London Fashion week among all the beautiful popular hairstyles have put accent on pulled back shining hair, that was seen all around almost in the collections of all designers, from Julian McDonald and Alexander Wang to Carolina Herrera.Their models' hairstyles were sleek and smooth, mostly long hairstyles just pulled back, or tied in a ponytail. Well, I must say that waves and curls were not left out totally, but you could spot them only at the ends, the roots being sleek and glossy. Let's see now some of slicked back hairstyles 2015 from the best Fashion Weeks. (more…)

2014 Fall / Winter 2015 Casual Hairstyles

Casual Hairstyles Fall Winter 2015

Among the incredible designs of hairstyles sometimes we need simple things, and here are 2014 fall / winter 2015 casual hairstyles for every day life.

New York Fashion Week has finished and has introduced us not only clothing and accessories trends but also seemed to set the trends for make up and hairstyles. Soon London Fashion Week will start and again will bring fantastic designs, but between these two significant events let's review some easy and casual hairstyles. With the coming of autumn and winter ladies do not only want to change wardrobe for the new season but hairstyles as well. Hair trends 2015 have many natural and easy designs that can be copied for office outfit and evening cocktails. The main trends include messy ponytails and long wavy bob haircuts. Let's see some of them now. (more…)

Top Trendy Fall 2014 Hairstyles

top trendy fall 2014 hairstyles

Each new season brings new trends. In any sphere of fashion. New hairstyles trends are for sure no exclusion. First of all new fall 2014 hairstyles are spotted on fashion shows, catwalks and red carpets introduce us the latest trends in hair design. Hair gurus know well enough what will be called trendy hairstyles and go for creating the brand new awesome styles. Now we can already say that fall 2014 hair trends have introduced one big trend: 60's voluminous hairstyles, they are back and are quite popular. Beside we see some new touch in wet effect hairstyles,now we have the roots as if wet, while the ends are straight and dry, looks contrastive and innovative. So if you are among those who are not afraid, then follow top trendy fall 2014 hairstyles and get your fashion show hairstyle. (more…)