Short Haircuts

Pretty Teen Hairstyles 2015

Teen Hairstyles 2015

Being a teen is so exciting and so non-stable, cause a girl at this age one day wants to be a grown up, the other day still wants to get back to her childhood. The same is with teen hairstyles. Spirits and character of teens can change very frequently and the young lady's wardrobe should be adopted to all her mood shifts. And also her hairstyle should be accustomed to her life style. Hair trends 2015 offer us so many diverse teen hairstyles 2015 that ou are free to choose any possible design for any day and any mood. The popular hairstyles include both short haircuts styled messy, and long polished hairstyles, your hair can be straight and curly. So all depends on your mood, the choice is wider than ever. Lets see some pretty examples of teenage hair now. (more…)

Amazing Short Red Hairstyles for Spring 2015

short red hairstyles 2015

Being extravagant and unique, always in spotlight and on-trend, this is what amazing red hair colors can offer you this Spring 2015.

Long hair is what generally is going to make the popular hairstyles for the coming spring summer seasons. The greatest variety of natural looking hairstyles tend to be the trends this year. But what with the great celebrity hairstyles comprised of short hair and red hair color? Do you think that they can be left in past already! No, I must say that hair trends 2015 are not monotonous and focused on long tresses and natural hair color. Among hair colors 2015 red hues stand alone just as the seasons before and if combined with short haircuts they make awesome couple to try this season. Besides red colors on short hair are very sexy and hot, and can make you feel a lady vamp this spring. But look here, some shades of red are very soft and cute too. (more…)

Forever On-Trend Shaggy Bob Haircuts 2015

bob haircuts 2015

Bob haircuts are the styles that keep on being trendy no matter what fashion tendencies come forward each new season.

For sure, the hair trends 2015 mostly stand for long hairstyles, that can be styled natural without any special skills. But short haircuts and mostly bob styles are always popular among women. Bob cuts fir women of all ages, making young girls look funky and playful, and older women look younger and trendy. It is pretty amazing how a simple bob can change your image and influence your individuality and perception of life. There are quite many bob variation and the most stunning is the shaggy bob haircut, that can be blunt cut and can asymmetrical. One of the greatest examples of such mainstream bob is Emma Stone's sensational bob of the season, but to see more shaggy bob haircuts 2015 just scroll down and get inspired with fashionable looks of celebrity hairstyles. (more…)

Cute Short Hairstyles 2015

cute short hairstyles 2015

Discover cute short hairstyles 2015 right now by going though this article with the most recent images of short hair from red carpet and fashion shows.

All of the hair trends 2015 for short hair that I a going to introduce you are fashionable and very stylish. You can have short haircuts with bangs, long layered bangs, and side fringes, or you can have looks without bangs at all, some pixie haircuts and bob hairstyles are simply astounding without any bangs and just forehead open. Besides, we well know that short haircut is always stylish, yes it is daring and not very usual in some cases, but hairstyles 2015 will prove that short hair is the best way to express yourself, your independence and character. some may say that short hair can limit styling opportunities, but lets go ahead and see the versatility of styles you can actually have. (more…)

2014 Fall / Winter 2015 Short Hairstyles And Wardrobe

2014 fall - winter 2015 short hairstyles

Short hairstyles 2015 is a topic that we will discuss right away and I am sure you will get many inspirational hairstyles ideas for 2014 fall / winter 2015.

The passed fashion weeks in Berlin, New York and London have many astonishing hairstyles, but the thing is that majority of them are long hairstyles. Slicked back looks and center parted hairstyles, braids and ponytails are mostly for long tresses. And what about short haircuts? Do hair trends 2015 neglect short hair? Or are short haircuts popular for African American women only? No, and once again no. Short hairstyles are always on trend and sometimes even do not need to be mentioned. In this article I'd like to introduce you short hairstyles 2015 with wardrobe solutions, so you can decide whether you really want to cut off long hair in cold fall / winter 2014-2015. The hairstyles 2015 pictures involve bob hairstyles, pixies haircuts, asymmetrical hairstyles and all the rest you can see below. (more…)

Smashing Short Haircuts And Fall 2014 Hair Color Trends

smashing short haircuts and fall 2014 hair color ideas

Smashing fall 2014 hair color trends are here to introduce you the most crazy hair color solutions of the current season for your short haircuts, that will create the jaw dropping looks for you.

When any of us ladies wants to change something in her appearance, the first thing that comes to mind is hairstyle. Yet not all of us are ready to go for a new haircut, moreover short haircut owners can do almost nothing with it. In this case the only thing to do is to change hair color. And this is even more logical with the coming of the new season when all of us want to go along with nature and change to more autumn moods. Fall 2014 hair color trends will help you bring out the most stunning tendencies for short haircuts color solutions and make a final decision on choosing hair color. (more…)

2014 Fall / Winter 2015 Short Haircuts For Black Women

2014 Fall-Winter 2015 short haircuts for black women

Ultra modern short hairstyles and haircuts for black women for the current fall/winter 2014-2015 season.

The new season brought it's tendencies and it's time ladies to shift away from easy protective hairstyles and go for more dramatic looks with new short haircuts. Natural hairstyles for black women are still popular, but who can refuse having a smashing new look this autumn and winter? Among short haircuts for black women, we can spot some bob hairstyles that look very stylish. Long and short bobs simply rock the season. Besides extra short pixies and Mohawks are on trend as well. As before you can find long hairstyles with shaved sides, but this time long tresses are left natural as they are. Well why talk this much? Let's see 2014 fall / winter 2015 haircuts for black women right away right here! (more…)