Short Haircuts

Awesome Pixie Haircuts 2015 Spring

Short haircuts have always been daring, and at the beginning of 20th century were consideren not descent and very boyish. But as time change we see that among the popular hairstyles more and mre often short cuts are seen. They have their unique place in fashion industry. At first you may think that having short hair may be boring, no versatility and choice of designs. But you are very wrong. Short hairstyles provide with wide range of possibilities, from bob haircuts to shaved sides Mohawks. One of the most amazing short styles are pixie haircuts. They have gone through history, undergone changes and modifications, and presently hair trends 2015 introduced them with vast choice of designs.

pixie haircuts 2015

To prove that pixie cuts were always popular, let's look though this gallery of celebrity hairstyles and see the pixie haircuts from Liza Minnelli to Rihanna. They are all flattening, feminine and funky, elegant and sporty. You can choose what fits you best, and dare to cut off the long tresses. (more…)

David Beckham Celebrity Hairstyles for Spring 2015

Among successful sportsmen we can find very few that pay attention to style and outfits and manage to elaborate and implement their own unique image. David Bechkam is one of those few celebrities that is always on-trend looking hot and stylish/ For sure, I muist note that it is not only his achievement but mistly Victoria Beckham's and she is well known for her style, so she spread it over her husband too, but the fact is no matter the time David Beckham is fashionable. His celebrity hairstyles are quite versitile though he always chooses short haircuts or short to long styles. Now lets have a look and follow these mens hairstyles to look hot and sexy this spring 2015.

David Beckham Street Style Hairstyles 2015

David and Victoria Beckham are often seen together and they are considered to be one of the most beautiful and harmonious couples. Indeed, look at them, both are in street style outfit, yet they look like one whole. Victoria's hair color being close that of David. His funky haircut and gelled style are very fitting his sunglasses and knitted jumper. (more…)

Oscars 2015 Mens Hairstyles

Oscars 2015!!! Not only the main academy awards, but one of the most important events in fashion industry. Here on the red carpet we see the celebrities in the most fashionable out fit and popular hairstyles. The couturier evening gowns for ladies and the most stylish smokings for men blew minds of people around the world and we come to follow their looks, make up and hairstyles 2015. Women celebrity hairstyles from Oscars 2015 are already discussed and ladies now know what to follow so it;s high time we paid attention to mens hairstyles and outfits to get ready for spring summer 2015.

Oscars 2015 Mens Hairstyles

The most popular hairstyles for men appeared to be short haircuts that were styled very neat and polished and gave the owners elegant and manly looks. We could spot some main trends in mens hair on the red carpet - the side swept and accurately brushed hairstyles that come to be on trends for SS15. Hair trends 2015 for men prompt them to be natural yet strong and willing. That is why thin beards are still popular, they look so manly. (more…)

Modern Pixie Haircuts for Spring 2015

Hair trends 2015 vote for long hairstyles, but it doesn't mean that you can't look modern and attractive with super stylish short haircuts. Just on the contrary the pixie haircuts will make you look unique and will underline you facial features. But before going too edgy and crop off your tresses, you should consider some important things. For wearing short hair you should have ideal and very soft facial features, and big eyes. If you are a bit fatty then consider pixie haircuts with long side bangs to visually elongate your face.

Blonde Pixie Haircuts 2015 Pixie Haircuts 2015 for black women

Anyways the spring summer season is already in here and it's high time to change your looks and get the most inspiring hairstyles 2015. If you didn't have time enough to grow out your tresses, then make the contradicting change and choose popular short hairstyles. The blond hair color by itself is quite extravagant and combined with stylish short pixie looks smashing. Pixie haircuts for black women also look fantastic. (more…)

Miley Cyrus Diverse Short Hairstyles for Spring 2015

Here is one of the most discussed celebrities of our time -  the scandalous Miley Cyrus with her trendy hairstyles. Miley is one of the stars that has her own style, even though some two years ago we have seen her totally different with medium length hair, bob haircuts and modest hair colors, and her behaviour was decent and calm. But what we have today is a totally different person not only visually but her while character seems to have changed. Miley is wearing very short haircuts and sets the trends for hairstyles 2015.

Miley Cyrus wavy bob hairstyles 2015Miley Cyrus funky hairstyles 2015

The wavy bob hairstyle she once had is popular even now and hair trends 2015 still sport shaggy wavy bobs with ombre highlighting. And if you choose to wear this one of her hairstyles, be sure to be on-trend. Still for the most daring and brave ones I introduce her pixie haircuts, very edgy and funky, blonde hair color making them look even sharper. (more…)

Pretty Short Haircuts For Spring 2015

Girls with long hairstyles very rarely dare to chop off their gorgeous tresses and start a new life with modern short haircuts 2015. This is all just fear to have a style that will not be feminine and versatile. But the truth is that many women look even better with shorter hair. Remember Rihanna celebrity hairstyles. She has gone through all the hairstyles ever invented, but best of all she looks with short haircuts. So let's not fear, and looking through the hairstyles gallery below, get some inspiration to rock this spring 2015 with ultra hot short cuts.

Miley Cyrus Short Haircuts 2015 Audrey Tautou Short Haircuts 2015

Short haircuts are unique because they are easy to maintain in every day life, yet they are not boring at all. You can have them styled casually to go out in daytime, and you can create cite looks for evening parties by adding some hair accessory or slicking hair back. Miley is among the celebrities that no matter the hair trends 2015 has her short haircut proudly, and it suits her very much. The same is about Audrey, her fluffy short curls being her signature hairstyle. (more…)

50 Shades of Grey: Jamie Dornan Hairstyles 2015

The most expected movie of the season is "Fifty Shades Of Grey" and today let's consider the main actor's appearance and bring out the most popular hairstyles of the hero of 2015. Jemie Dornan is a model and an actor but I am sure that before this movie trailer came forward we hardly knew about him, wherein now Jamie Dornan with all his mens hairstyles and outfit and style will become the sex symbol for millions of women all over the world, the ones who have read the book and the ones who are awaiting to enjoy the movie version of the top hit 50 shades.

Jamie Dornan Hairstyles 2015

The first reaction of many woman when they saw the movie trailer was - where is his sexy beard! Indeed, the glossy and well cut hairstyle, combined with a neat beard make this guy be a real man, extremely attractive, but what do hair trends 2015 prompt us? (more…)