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2014 Fall Hairstyles Trends

Trendy fall hairstyles 2014

Fall is almost in here, and though we still can enjoy the last warm days it's time to think about 2014 fall hairstyles trends, just to be the first to know and follow the fashion. Fall hairstyles 2014 are about short haircuts mostly, that can vary from long bob hairstyles that are called lob as well and short bob haircuts, ending with pixie hairstyles. The good thing about autumn 2014 hairstyles is that you can create your own inventive style by mixing Mohawk hairstyles and pixies for instance, and choosing between crop cut, shaved or braided sides. You can decide all on your own thus making yourself appear unique in the coming season. Fall 2014 hairstyles are full of curious coloristic solutions and bold hair colors seem to come back now.You can also create marvelous ombre hair color solution through your short tresses to get warm shades of caramel and chocolate hues. For many of us going short can be hard, but the trendy hairstyles pictures below will prove that this fall 2014 hairstyles are short and vivid full of energy and style. Maybe it's time to make a change and follow 2014 fall hairstyles trends? (more…)

Diverse Back To School Hairstyles for Long & Short Hair

fashionable back to school hairstyles

August is almost gone that for many people in the world means one single thing - the start of the new school year. Teenagers for sure are getting ready for the new season. Doubtless, at the age of being a teen any girl is already a lady and wants to draw attention and look simply amazing. For that girls change your clothing, inject your style with new touches and get brand new popular hairstyles. They say that for back to school hairstyles medium hair length is the most appropriate one, because it allows to create many designs and is easy to take care of. But I must disagree, cause many short haircuts and long hairstyles are just meant for school. In this article I have collected same-like teen hairstyles for both long and short hair. They are modern and stylish and among diverse back to school hairstyles for long and short hair you will find your inspiring style right now. (more…)

Celebrity Inspired Short Hair Updos 2014

short hair updos 2014

When it comes to summer and hot weather we start to seek for changes in style and appearance. Not only our clothing becomes lighter and brighter, but hairstyles as well. Summer hairstyles first of all should be easy to maintain. This is the reason why many of us opt for short haircuts for summer days. Short hair can seem monotonous to some, but in reality a bit longer than a pixie will arm you with some styling options including updo hairstyles. Short popular hairstyles will give you a chance to have an easy haircut on one hand, that will turn to an elegant evening hairstyle on a special occasion on the other hand. You may say that it is impossible, but look through this article to find celebrity inspired short hair updos 2014. Celebrities are an infinite source of inspiration on many occasions and as for celebrity hairstyles the latest hair trends 2014 are first of all introduced by them. So here we go! (more…)

Pretty Summer Short Hairstyles 2014

pretty summer short hairstyles 2014

The worlds spins around with such a speed nowadays, that we need to keep up with things, without wasting time on meaningless things, like hours spent on hair styling. This is mostly about summer hairstyles, cause it is the time for vacations when we need to enjoy each single moment. So here come short haircuts for girls that can be really cool and easy. You may say that short hair is all monotonous and no styling options, but I will argue. The below selection of pretty summer short hairstyles 2014 will prove you that the greatest variety of short haircuts from pixies to bob haircuts, styled sleek and wavy, polished and tousled, will arm you with the widest choice of variants for summer days. Still you need to know what are the short hair trends 2014? How to decide which bob variation will be in the mainstream among the popular hairstyles? Or is pixie really that popular? Here are some tips for you: (more…)

Astounding Celebrity Short Hairstyles 2014

astounding celebrity short hairstyles 2014

Short haircuts at first sight are the ones that require little care and look fantastic. This is one opinion. The others will say that short haircuts are all alike and you can never have different hairstyles with short hair. Many women will choose long popular hairstyles just because they are versatile. In their opinion. In reality short hair will arm you uncountable new summer hairstyles that look very stylish and on trend. The thing is to dare to go for short haircuts. Ladies are often simply afraid to cut off long tresses. But look here! Celebrity hairstyles are the best way to see what are the trends, what are the short hair possibilities. And once you discover astounding celebrity short hairstyles 2014, I am sure you will love at least some of them and dare to try. (more…)

Reckless Short Hairstyles for Black Women

reckless short hairstyles for black women

Hairstyles for black women always look fashionable. There can hardly be anyone to argue with that. Besides box braids and natural hairstyles for black women, they often come to choose short haircuts not only to forget about a whole bunch of hair problems but also because they look impressive and stylish and really introduce trendy hairstyles. For sure, the easiest way is to leave short haircut natural and have naturally curly hairstyle that will take no time and efforts to style each morning. But modern hair techniques allow black women to deal with problematic curls easily, so now pixies, wavy and straight bob haircuts, asymmetrical hairstyles are all possible for African American hair type. Let's see those reckless short hairstyles for black women and perhaps you will get inspired for a new image right away. (more…)

Astounding Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

curly pompadour prom hairstyles for short hair

Short hair is the length that many girls and women simply adore. It is easy to take care of and doesn't need any special treatment. This all is fine for daily life. But here come a special event like prom. What to do then? For many girls senior ball is the most important event in life so far, so looking smashing can't be under question. Many prom hairstyles are meant for long tresses, still don't get desperate, short hair prom hairstyles are also variable and breathtaking. Be sure to first of all to choose your dress then go on with trendy hairstyles to pick up your unique one. In this article you will find some fresh ideas for astounding prom hairstyles for short hair, that you can style even yourself. (more…)