Hairstyles 2016

LFW Street Style Looks & Hairstyles 2016

Each fashion week in each corner of the world is prominent not only with the runway events and designer collections, but also with street style looks and hairstyles. Today we will talk about the best images from behind the London Fashion Week SS16 collections, the looks from common people in the center of fashion world for a couple of weeks. The transition from warm New York to colder London brought many surprises. And it is not only about the models and catwalk shows, but also about women in streets. Despite the colder weather, London welcomed with bright colors of outfit and the most popular hairstyles 2016.

LFW street hairstyles 2016

The sunglasses, the warm cardigans of pleasant color mixture were all around. The best street style looks included bright lipstick and long hairstyles that remain the main tendency for hairstyles in the coming seasons. Center parted, wavy or straight, they caught attention on each step. (more…)

Fashion Weeks Wedding Hairstyles SS16

For all the brides-to-be - your attention, please! New York and London Fashion Weeks with their SS16 collections introduced us incredibly new and even futuristic solutions for weeding looks in the coming seasons. Very elegant and womanly tender textures, mixed with metallic accessories, fusion of color from pure white to grey and even colorful flowers, long evening wedding dresses and short stylish ones – all was spotted on the runway shows during the recent weeks. And you are here to witness the best bridal hairstyles from runways to get to know the hair trends 2016 and to dare to be one of the most charming and on-trend brides ever!

Runway wedding hairstyles 2016

The hairstyles for wedding proposed by designers were as simple and impressive as the dresses and make-up of the models. All you could see was either long wavy hairstyles, or simple updo styles. So again we see the main trend of staying natural even in wedding looks. (more…)

NYFW SS16 Best Hairstyles

Here comes the first fashion week in the Big Four schedule - the New York fashion Week with its collections for SS16. And we are eager to see the hairstyles 2016 promoted by the best hairstylist and designers. What will we see? First of all natural hairstyles. This is again the main slogan for hair trends of the coming season. Designers say that they tried to create easy hairstyles that can easily transfer from day looks, into night life. The poplar hairstyles that look like you have just been in bed asleep, and just arranged tresses slightly to go out, the hairstyles that look very simple, yet need time to make them look so natural.

NYFW Hairstyles 2016

All the simple updos and wavy hairstyles, bob cuts and wet effect hair are set in one place waiting for you to look through them to find your best hairstyles for the next spring and summer. So better have a look now to be definitely on-trend when the time comes. (more…)

Best Hair Colors 2016 Winter

The coming of the new season brings forwards the newest hair trends 2016 and you can't miss them out. For fall and winter time you must get new wardrobe, learn some new make up tricks but before all that you should think of your gorgeous hair colors! Yes winter tendencies have their own peculiarities and while in summer we can afford careless looks, for autumn season you should be much more accurate. So what are the hair color trends for 2016? First of all we again face the natural looks, no matter what you do you have to be as close to you inborn looks as possible.

Hair Colors Winter 2016

This time you should consider the main trends noticed on celebrity hairstyles: bronde hair colors, full length highlights and dee[ chocolate. All of them are full of warmth and sensuality, and for colder autumn evening they will brighten up your image and make you look unforgettable. Keep this article to show the best hair color solutions for the coming seasons to your hair stylist. (more…)

NYFW SS16 Natural Hairstyles

New York Fashion Week SS16 came forward earlier than all other fashion shows as always and even though it is still in full blossom representing the most amazing designer creation, we can already look back and review one great tendency - natural hairstyles for 2016 spring and summer seasons. All through the runways this time we could spot models with natural curly hair, very short, a bit long, and not only black models but white as well with artificial protective hairstyles. Notorious designers like Carolina Herrera and Tommy Hilfiger represented models in their natural beauty and chic more than they used to do it during previous seasons.

Natural Hairstyles 2016

So we can definitely state that being the way you are is in fashion. Black models like Maria Borges proved that you can have short haircuts and naturally curly hair and look trendy and have marvellous career of a supermodel. Well, if you were in doubt about straightening your black tight curls, look through the hair trends 2016 below and stay true to yourself. (more…)

Cool Box Braids Hairstyles 2016

Box braided hairstyles have been with us for ages now, and we may think that like all other popular hairstyles they will fade away soon. Well, this statement is true about many hairstyles but not the African American box braids. What makes them so popular through all seasons and weathers? Well, one of the significant factors is that they are protective natural hairstyles. With box braids you can grow out your hair easily, and do not worry about contamination and pollution. Then, box braids are easy to live with. Once you have them, you can forget about hours wasted on styling for a whole month or even two. And besides they are versatile and cute. You can wear you stylish box braids long and straight a la Solange style, or you can create buns and other updos, you can have them one colored, or try being a blonde or multicolored.

Box Braids 2016

The main trends for hairstyles 2016 remain natural looks, so it is also quite fashionable to wear the box braids that are so natural for African American women, their face features and hair type. I am sure that many of you have already tried some braided hairstyles, but it is worthy to have a look at the below hairstyles pictures to get some more inspiration right now. (more…)

New Start with Sombre Hair Colors 2016

September is in here already and while some are still thinking how to look this fall, the others look further and get ready for 2016 hairstyles and trends. The coming Fashion Weeks in different corners of the world will for sure set the main tendencies, but meanwhile we are waiting for them, let me introduce to you the sombre hair colors that will definitely create popular hairstyles in 2016. Why sombre? Where are the ombre highlights we have been discussing so much? Actually sombre is the same ombre and implies the same idea of having the ends lighter and the roots darker.

Sombre hair colors 2016

Still, ombre hair colors are more definite and straight, while sombre shows a perfect transition of color, barely noticeable. You have your ends lighter, but they do not become dark at once, you have many shades that merge into your natural hair color, frame your face and create the unforgettable appearance. (more…)