Hairstyles 2014

Inspiring Short Wedding Hairstyles 2014

short curly wedding hairstyles 2014

Ladies hold breath before the wedding day, doubting whether all is planned well enough and will the dress and hairstyle be stunning. Traditionally they say that bridal hairstyles should be designed on long hair and followed with tiara. But what about short haircuts? Ladies with short haircuts should forget about stereotypes and rock the wedding party with inspiring short wedding hairstyles 2014 I will introduce today. Short haircuts can be turned into bridal hairstyles with slight details in design and vibrant hair accessories. Hair trends change and here are short wedding hairstyles tendencies. (more…)

Striking Black Wedding Hairstyles 2014

braided bun for wedding

Wedding day is the most important big day in any girls life, many of us will say. And it's not weird that each lady wants to look fabulous on that special day. Wedding hairstyles are crucial element in your bride-to-be image. It should suit the wedding gown and the atmosphere and theme of the wedding party. The wedding hairstyles for African American women are numerous and many of them were introduced during New York's Bridal Week 2014. You just need to decide for yourself whether you want to look sporty or elegant, traditional or modern and thus choose updo or downdo hairstyles, or half updo. The trends of striking black wedding hairstyles 2014 are the following: (more…)

Stylish Thematic Bridal Hairstyles 2014

european wedding hairstyles 2014

Wedding organization is a very breathtaking job. You need to pay attention to every single detail. Your dress, his suit, accessories and furniture, all has to be in its place to look harmonious. For bride wedding hairstyle is one of the most important pieces of the image. If something goes wrong with bridal hairstyle, you can't avoid a disaster. Nowadays many couples choose a theme for wedding close to their nature. Here are stylish thematic bridal hairstyles 2014 that I collected from weddings organized in some special atmosphere and surroundings. (more…)

Cute Easy Teen Hairstyles 2014

long curly teen hairtsyles 2014

When you are a teenager, you can never look strange and improper. Anything you try may look nice, from very soft wavy hairstyles and to bold Emo hairstyles.When we become older, we remember sweetly the time when we didn't have to think much and just acted. Until the age of 18 you are free to experiment with popular teen hairstyles. Only keep in mind that it mustn't be bold to be accepted to educational institutions and most importantly it must be easy hairstyle that doesn't require time and efforts. Use some hair accessories to personalize your image. Here are some examples for cute easy teen hairstyles 2014 that I'd like to introduce. (more…)

2014 Summer Short Haircuts for Girls

2014 summer short haircuts for girls

Summer has come, girls, and it is not the time to stay dull and routine. You should definitely try one of the new popular hairstyles that are easy and relaxed. Short haircuts are very on-trend as they look very cute after a simple tousling. For summer hairstyles you can abruptly cut off your long and medium tresses and feeling confident with new eye catching haircut. the most important thing here is that you like yourself and your image. So what are 2014 summer short haircuts for girls? (more…)

2014 Fashionable Haircuts for Women Over 50

diane keaton short hairstyles 2014

We all know one important fact: a properly chosen haircut can make you look 5-10 years younger. Why only look? Even feel. For sure you must change hairstyles. The problem is that we like changes but are difficult to go for them when are over 50. Same bob haircut can be upgraded with modern tricks so changing hairstyle or simply upgrading your old one is necessary for any woman. Our beloved bob and pixie haircuts are still on-trend but they are not like 20 years before. Trendy hairstyles introduce layers and choppy bangs that create marvels on old good haircuts. So the thing is just to dare and change something. Here I have a small collection of 2014 fashionable haircuts for women over 50 that you will like and follow for sure. (more…)

2014 Popular Hairstyles for Women Over 40

shaggy haircuts for women over 40

The age of forty is crucial for women. Usually it is considered to be a transition to a new more self confident period of life. When we are too young, we can't stop  experimenting with popular hairstyles, sometimes choosing the boldest and craziest ideas. When it comes to 40, each woman is already a personality, definitely knowing where she comes from and where she is going now. Her inner world and feelings are expressed in her style, outfit and hairstyle. Hairstyles for women over 40 should be easy to maintain, shaggy and sassy, and always bearing the sexy note in it. Now let's discuss in detail 2014 popular hairstyles for women over 40. (more…)