Hairstyles 2014

On-Trend Short Black Men Haircuts 2014

short black men haircuts 2014

African American men with the naturally curly hair can afford many hairstyles indeed, but mostly they choose to have short haircuts. And this is quite reasonable, cause among mens hairstyles short cuts are the easiest to maintain. They require almost no care and if you are living an active and sporty life then short haircuts for black men are meant for you. You can show off your perfect facial features by choosing short crops that are considered the most trendy hairstyles. Or you can try to have short 'fros with a bit longer hair on the crown area and a fade cut on the sides to show off not only handsome face lines but dense and healthy hair texture. Lets see the pictures of hairstyles I am talking about and get convinced that on-trend short black men haircuts 2014 introduce very manly hairstyles that look super sexy and hot. (more…)

2014 Inventive Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Men

balotelli mohawk hairstyles 2014

Mohawk hairstyles are believed to be chosen by those who tend to look different. Black guys leave behind saucy fade haircuts and go for Mohawk when they want to look manly and tough. Though traditional Mohawk with totally shaved sides is not that popular nowadays, hairstyles 2014 introduce other popular hairstyles - fauxhawk, with crop cut sides, braided sides, or patterned sides that can look really cool and out of crowd. Mohawk hairstyles are meant for sporty guys and real machos. And if you consider yourself such you definitely should try your own personalized Mohawk hairstyle to speak you individuality. I have collected some picture of 2014 inventive Mohawk hairstyles for black men in this article and I hope it will inject you with some imagination to go for your stylish Mohawk. (more…)

2014 Smashing Short Haircuts for Black Women

short black hairstyles 2014

Some years before any of us could say that short hairstyles look manly and do not give us the variety we need so much, Still today I can totally disagree with that, cause present day 2014 short hairstyles provide you with innumerable styles and cuts, even more you can find among natural hairstyles for black women. African American women now leave the previous trend of long hairstyles and go for shorter variants and you know many of us, ladies, simply start to blossom with new short haircut that boosts individuality and your own style. Here are some examples from 2014 smashing short haircuts for black women, and I assure you that any woman should dare at least once in her life to wear short trendy hairstyles that will make her look different, sexy and attractive. (more…)

Vivacious Box Braids Updo Hairstyles 2014

formal box braids updo hairstyles 2014

Box braids updo hairstyles are easy to create and they give a wide range of possibilities to implement your imagination and create versatile styles each time. Among natural hairstyles for black women box braids have their unique place cause after creation they not only protect hair from damage, but also make your life easier: you can forget about hair problems for two months at least. As for box braids updo popular hairstyles I can say they are even more popular in hot summer days when box braids updo speak perfectly with tops and strapless dresses. Once you start creating updos from box braids I am sure you will love you box braids. Now let's see the vivid examples of vivacious box braids updo hairstyles 2014 and draw endless inspirations for recreation of trendy updo hairstyles this summer. (more…)

Fabulous Small Box Braids Hairstyles 2014

fabulous small box braids hairstyles 2014

For black women it can be a real torture to comb hair every day, or several times a day. This disaster not only damages naturally curly hair texture, but brings forward the problem of hair everywhere in the bathroom and the whole flat. That is why African American women often come to choose braids among natural hairstyles for black women. With braided hairstyles you can forget about hairstyling and problematic issues and enjoy the freedom they donate you. We have discussed before long box braids and big box braids hairstyles and now I'd like to give an overview of fabulous small box braids hairstyles 2014. Creating box braids hairstyles on the whole can be quite stressful. (more…)

Exceptional Tree Braids Hairstyles 2014

curly hairstyle on tree braids

African American women face the problem of dry and dizzy hair sometimes. That is why black hairstyles should be chosen very carefully. Such protective hairstyles must keep away natural hair from damage and harm and for sure look beautiful. Braids are well know among natural hairstyles for black women. On thick hair texture any type of braids can be styled, even French braid looks gorgeous. But above all there exist tree braids that are leading in the list of trendy hairstyles for black women. Tree braiding is a technique that allows to plait only some part of hair and leave the rest loose or styled in an updo or downdo. That is to say with exceptional tree braids hairstyles 2014 you will create not only protective hairstyle but will be able to boost you loose hair. (more…)

Fancy Long Hairstyles with Bangs 2014

Long Straight Hairstyles with bangs 2014

Long hair is a luxury that not all of us can afford. For some women growing out hair results almost impossible and thy end up by cutting the almost medium length they have reached. Owners of long hair have a great opportunity to try all the popular hairstyles. First updos and downdos that are complicated and then the simplest wavy loose hairstyles, which are the best summer hairstyles. For sure even in this case you may someday wake up wanting to cut the edges or the whole length.Then you should stop and think of your long hairstyle and come to a compromise - hairstyles with bangs. Bangs underline best features, accentuate eyes and can correct the face shape whether it is long or square. So here are fancy long hairstyles with bangs 2014 for you to see and draw inspiration. (more…)