Hairstyles 2014

Meeting 2015 With The Best Haircuts 2014

best haircuts 2014

Ladies, we already got well prepared to meet the New Year and have all the smashing hairstyles 2015, but it is worth mentioning that the passing year had many gorgeous designs.

So what was so unique in 2014? For sure, the answer is obvious - haircuts! We can't know what has happened in particular, what was flying in the air, but we know for sure that very magnificent air created the most unforgettable haircuts 2014. Many celebs have changed their looks this year, and the domination direction for celebrity hairstyles was chopping of the length and creating ultra popular hairstyles of the season. Besides, these hairstyles will be the base for hair trends 2015, so lets have a look to see the trendy shaggy bob haircuts, the sensational lob haircuts, the sudden pixies and crops and get inspired for the New Year looks. The thing to remember is that you must not be afraid to make a change and get the brand new look for a brand new year. (more…)

2014 Fall / Winter 2015 Casual Hairstyles

Casual Hairstyles Fall Winter 2015

Among the incredible designs of hairstyles sometimes we need simple things, and here are 2014 fall / winter 2015 casual hairstyles for every day life.

New York Fashion Week has finished and has introduced us not only clothing and accessories trends but also seemed to set the trends for make up and hairstyles. Soon London Fashion Week will start and again will bring fantastic designs, but between these two significant events let's review some easy and casual hairstyles. With the coming of autumn and winter ladies do not only want to change wardrobe for the new season but hairstyles as well. Hair trends 2015 have many natural and easy designs that can be copied for office outfit and evening cocktails. The main trends include messy ponytails and long wavy bob haircuts. Let's see some of them now. (more…)

2014 Fall / Winter 2015 Medium Hairstyles Trends

2014 fall- winter 2015 medium hairstyles trends

Medium hairstyles are the beloved hair length for many women, and they will be very popular during fall winter 2014-2015 seasons.

Medium hair length is very functional. It is long enough to boost tresses and to create marvellous evening hair designs. And at the same time it is not long and won't make you waste hours on styling and design. 2014-2015 hair trends show us medium hairstyles that are not complicated. Staying natural is still the trend. Inborn beauty is underlined with natural hairstyles, so do not go for exquisite hairstyles, just be yourself taking enough care. Hair trends of fall winter 2014-2015 only assure us that hair must be healthy, so don't waste time on styling, better take good care of your tresses. Among medium hairstyles as almost always we can find classy bob hairstyles, as well as lobs, the long bob styles, that can be styled accurately and left messy for "bedhead" effect. (more…)

Fall 2014 Hairstyles: Celebrity Street Style

Katie Holmes hairstyles 2014: street style
Street style introduces the most popular hairstyles by celebrities. Stars are just humans as all of us are, and in every day life they adopt the same street style as we do. We can hardly find a super star that has her own hair stylist for every day. when a celebrity wants to go to the nearest supermarket, she has the simple ever popular hairstyles like ponytails, messy "bedhead" hair, and famous bun hairstyles. Hair trends 2014 have followed celebrities everywhere and for fall 2014 we have a special gallery for celebrity street style. You can look through it and come to know how to have celebrity gorgeous looks even without make up and special hairstyle. With casual looks they are still stars, even when not on the red carpet. Bad hair days haunt every woman around the world, see the best hairstyles solutions for such cases. (more…)

2014 Fall / Winter 2015 Auburn Hair Color Trends & Celebrity Hairstyles

fall 2014 auburn hair color trends

Auburn hair color involves vivacious hair shades from deep plum auburn hair color to light auburn, that is best seen on celebrity hairstyles and can be well copied to look sexy and hot this 2014 fall / winter 2015 season!

A whole class of hair hues and shades is represented by auburn hair color. You can never get bored by choosing some new tone appropriate to your mood, wardrobe and for sure season. With arrival of September we all come to think of warmer hair shades and I am sure that many of us are ready to go for a bold change towards auburn hair color. As I have said it's a vast field for experimenting and hair colors 2014 are now upgraded with new color variations: you can try copper auburn, maroon auburn, go to highlights with auburn, and ombre on auburn hair color. Auburn has unique feature to perfectly underline contrasting eye color. (more…)

Fall 2014 Blonde Hair Color Ideas: Ash Blonde

fall 2014 ash blonde hair color ideas

Blonde hair color ideas for Fall 2014 seem to be infinite, find the brand new ash blonde hair color solutions by going through this article.

There was time when ash blonde could appear a bit boring and not attractive, but modern hair dyeing techniques and hair hues have brought out matte ash blonde that now simply rules the show and seems to be the greatest invention of hair colors 2014. When you hear the phrase that blonde hair color will never go out of fashion, you must know that is the bare truth. The hair professionals all in one voice will now tell you that the new matte ash blonde is very particular and stylish. Trendy hairstyles with matte ash blonde will convert you into a different person - self confident, strong, yet rather feminine. And all this just by choosing the best fall 2014 ash blonde hair color that is on the peak of popularity so far. (more…)

Smashing Short Haircuts And Fall 2014 Hair Color Trends

smashing short haircuts and fall 2014 hair color ideas

Smashing fall 2014 hair color trends are here to introduce you the most crazy hair color solutions of the current season for your short haircuts, that will create the jaw dropping looks for you.

When any of us ladies wants to change something in her appearance, the first thing that comes to mind is hairstyle. Yet not all of us are ready to go for a new haircut, moreover short haircut owners can do almost nothing with it. In this case the only thing to do is to change hair color. And this is even more logical with the coming of the new season when all of us want to go along with nature and change to more autumn moods. Fall 2014 hair color trends will help you bring out the most stunning tendencies for short haircuts color solutions and make a final decision on choosing hair color. (more…)