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Runways: D&G Hijab Collection 2016 Spring

In this changing world it is impossible not to accept the huge influence and emerging tendencies of the East flooding the West. This new tendency suddenly strikes the world famous designers Dolce & Gabbana and at the beginning of January 2016 we witnessed brand new D&G Hijab and Abaya collection. The news and sudden new direction got quite controversial reviews and attitude. Some were afraid to face the Muslim world trends, the other applauded to see them. But none of us can deny the new directions in fashion world any longer. And why do it if actually the recent researches showed that wealthy Muslim women spent incredibly much money on clothing and fashion accessories, so the trend to follow up with east world needs is quite explicable. The East is emerging into the West with its culture, traditions and money.

Dolce&Gabbana Hijab Collection Spring 2016

For sure we could go on discussing the Muslim women gorgeous hairstyles, cause the hair texture of dense black hair is impressive, but better see the Hijab Collection and the extra trendy head pieces. (more…)

Justin Bieber Celebrity Hairstyles Makeover

Baby, baby, baby! This is how it all started, not very long ago, when we witnessed Justin Bieber and his celebrity hairstyles for the first time. Only some seven years ago this cute kid was first driven to stage with is layered bowl haircut admiring teenage girls all over the world. For some time on it was not only about his men haircuts, but about his abs that was driving everybody crazy and everybody was holding breath to the moment when he would take of his shirt to show off the sexy abs. But the recent makeover brought to another new tendency  - celebrity haircut evolution! Now we all wait for him to take off his cap to see the blonde long hairstyles 2016.

Justin Bieber Celebrity Hairstyles 2016

Justin Bieber lives through evolution not only as artist and singer, but also as a fashion star setting trends in each sphere of modern fashion industry. And right away I want to take a glance at his mens hairstyles through these years and see the incredible makeover. (more…)

Critics Choice Awards 2016 Hairstyles

The year has just started but we are already fully involved in awards season. And here we are today to witness Critics Choice Awards 2016 celebrity hairstyles and beauty looks. On Sunday night just after the Academy made the selection of best movies of 2015 the critics went forward to express their opinion, criticize and select the films for their awards. Thank goodness, the winner is Leonardo DiCaprio that is also the number one nominee for Oscar´s and we do believe and hope that he will finally get the statuette. However we are not for Leo here but for the celebrity hairstyles and evening looks choice, we won´t criticize, but will show you the best solutions and hair trends 2016.

Critics Choice Awards 2016 Celebrity Hairstyles

 Just scroll down to see the main tendencies that can be grouped into 3 mainstream trends: long hairstyles, that make a woman be a woman no matter the times, updo hairstyles that are so elegant and fitting any cocktail party and official event, and bob hairstyles, that seem to keep on being on-trend always. (more…)

Golden Globe 2016 Celebrity Hairstyles & Best Looks

Spectacular! Nothing more can be said about the first big fashion event of 2016 - the Golden Globe Awards 2016 that hosted the widest pallette of celebrities on the red carpet. Now that all the admirations and rapturous sighs are left behind, we are free to take a look back on the celebrity looks and hairstyles and appreciate the unique harmony that conquered the event and also to memorize some of the most fascinating looks to try on during some future party. The most memorable thing about the red carpet looks is extreme harmony and the absence of loud and vulgar and shouting hairstyles and make ups and cocktail gowns.

Golden Globe celebrity hairstyles 2016

Many starlets followed a brand new trend of merging hair into the dress. Yes! If you take a closer look you will see that celebrity hairstyles were softly passing into the dress and that make up never spoke louder than it actually should. Intrigued, I guess! Let's go deeper into the case and observe the charming new hair ideas, and the dresses as well. (more…)

Hair Extensions & Black Women Braids 2016

Hairstyles for black women are really dazzling. From very childhood mothers go on creating infinite types of braids on our hair, on the one hand to look beautiful and on the other of course to avoid problems with styling hair each morning. I am talking about protective hairstyles we are used from the time when we were kids. But these very braids hairstyles a are extremely popular for grown ups as well. When you plan a vacation and want to devote all your time to having fun and enjoying yourself, you go and make some natural braided hairstyles with your stylist. When you feel that you hair is tired of straightening and applying different hair care means, you go and make twist and braids.

Best Black Women Braids 2016

And we all know that the most popular hairstyles are done with hair extensions. From the very famous box braids to Marley braids and Senegalese twists, the versatility of styles will amaze you and arm with possible hair solutions for any season. (more…)

Pretty & Casual Messy Ponytails

In this crazy world where each minute is important and can't be wasted we have found ideal ponytail hairstyles that will save your time and efforts and will allow you look attractive and feminine. We are talking about messy ponytails. All you will need to do to create them is pull your hair up and tie with a band without combing and polishing. You will get the most popular hairstyles for our reality that are worshipped not only by common ladies but by the most well known celebrities. In everyday life on on the red carpet, these pretty hairstyles really rock and inspire for the daily makeover.

Pretty Messy Ponytail Hairstyles

As hair trends 2016 sport being and looking natural, these updo hairstyles are a real gift for every girl and woman. They are quick, they require no maintenance and they are versatile. The variations of high and low, simple and braided messy ponytails will surprise you. So here we go! (more…)

Best Cornrow Braids to Try Right Now

Braids hairstyles are incredibly versatile and it seems that every day we face some new styles appear in social networks, designed and invented by common people. From classy French braids to dreads, we have seen so many styles and variations that hardly anything can surprise us now. However there is one old good style that came forward again during fashion weeks and hair trends 2016 - and we talk about cornrows. The popular hairstyles have been seen not only on black women, many celebrities have appeared with cornrow braids at fashion shows, red carpet and in common life.

Best Cornrow Braids to try right now

Cornrows are a really complicated style, plaited with three strands. Still modern hair looks do not force you to wear all mane plaited. Just one strand in cornrows can convert your image at once, add some zest to you waves or an updo hairstyles. Don´t you believe me? Let´s see the braided hairstyles pictures right now! (more…)