Medium Hairstyles

Trendy Lob Hairstyles For A Cutest Look

The chin length bob haircuts that are going through a real winning period of time have brought to another trends. Quite naturally ladies who cut hair into shorter bob hairstyles, at a certain moment faced elongated bob problem. What to do now? Run to hairstylist and cut off to the regular short length? Or there is another option. You can stick to the new medium length that has its own name -  trendy lob hairstyles. These are the overgrown bob styles that have turned into a brand new mainstream trend. Thousands of women go for them once their bob grows out. Besides, when yo have long hair and want to go shorter but not too much, lob is a perfect length for that transitional period of life.


By scrolling down you will find some cute ideas on how to wear your long bob hairstyles and look trendy no matter what. (more…)

The Perfect Medium Blonde Hairstyles 2017

If you want to get a style for every day awesome looks, yet not requiring too much attention, yu are in the right place reading the right post now. Mid length hairstyles are what you need to get the amazing looks without spending efforts. The length slightly cascading down your shoulders is the infinite well for getting new ideas about updo hairstyles, and elegant downdos. Also such length will allow you to experiment with colors. Medium blonde hairstyles 2017 are the ones that you need to know today to style them tomorrow. On the whole, blonde is the color that is always in fashion. Besides, the last summer with its crazy trend for bleached and platinum blonde only arouse more interest towards this timeless shade.


Now if you seek for a trendy length and for a jazzy color, then do not hesitate to scroll down and look through the pictures that will give yo cool ideas for your next smashing look. (more…)

Lively Celebrity Bob Hairstyles To Try Now

Time goes by so quickly. The trends and tendencies vary and change each other from season to season. One day we love long hairstyles, the other day we sport short haircuts. And among all this mess and rapidly changing fashion world, one trends seems to be always in the mainstream - the bob hairstyles - from vintage 1920´s looks from "Great Gatsby" and "Midnight in Paris" to the most luxurious and modern celebrity hairstyles showing off the fusion of long and short bob, the play of color and triumph on timeless bob cut. Yet it is not classy vintage looks we are going to witness today, but the most fashionable looks from celebrities from the recent fashion events, red carpets and catwalk.

Best Celebrity Bob Haircuts SS16

As hair trends 2016 have it all the looks should be natural as if no styling is done, as if no efforts were used. And the celebrity bob cuts are just fitting the tendencies, a bit relaxed, a bit messy, a bit casual, and so charming. Amazing ideas for haircuts to start the spring 2016 season. (more…)

Flashy Straight Medium Hairstyles 2015

Medium length hairstyles are the best choice for many of woman cause they have some distinct advantages. First of all they are not short and allow you to boost you tresses and attract attention, we all know that men prefer long hairstyles to short boyish crops. Besides medium hairstyles are not long ones and they are easy to maintain. And finally even though the hair length is medium it gives you chance to experiment with all new hairstyles 2015 and follow the trends of updo and downdo hairstyles.

Vanessa Hudgens medium straight hairstyles 2015 Nicole Kidman medium straight hairstyles 2015

Very poker straight hairstyles look very sexy when you know how to use them. Look at Vanessa's hairstyle. The perfect center parting according to hair trends 2015 and tresses behind ears opening her cute face. The difference with Nicole's hairstyle is the strands left on the front part, that seems to suit her facial features. (more…)

Soft & Tender Medium Wedding Hairstyles 2015

medium wedding hairstyles 2015

You are wearing medium length hair and are worried about having gorgeous wedding hairstyle? No need to be concerned, cause the list below will inspire you!

When you decide to get married, you must know that it the main step to the future life with your own family and you need to start it very happy and very beautiful. And we know well enough that bridal hairstyle are not the last thing to make you happy on that special day by making you look nice and feel like a princess. When it comes to hair length many will say to grow out hair than get married, but this can't be true cause modern hair trends 2015 allow having cute festive and popular hairstyles not only on long hair but on medium hair length and even short hair as well. So do not hesitate to go to hairdresser and claim the most amazing hairstyles for wedding, cause a good hair pro will know what to do, especially with this guide of soft and tender medium wedding hairstyle 2015 below. (more…)

Outstanding Medium Natural Hairstyles 2015

Natural Medium Hairstyles 2015

There was time when natural hairstyles for black women were not so fashionable and many women seeked for straightening hair and making it look more sleek and smooth.

Hair trends 2015 call on us to stay natural, that is why recently many women come to choose staying natural with curly black hairstyles they have. Among African American celebrities there are many who started to follow this trend and are now a good example for many women. Natural curly hair can be hard to deal for sure, that is why box braids is another option for women who can't spent too much time on styling. But instead of straightening hair for hours, choose to stay naturally curly, or make some easy updos and you will create the most popular hairstyles. Mind that your medium hairstyles are the best base for creativity for spring 2015. (more…)

2014 Fall / Winter 2015 Medium Hairstyles Trends

2014 fall- winter 2015 medium hairstyles trends

Medium hairstyles are the beloved hair length for many women, and they will be very popular during fall winter 2014-2015 seasons.

Medium hair length is very functional. It is long enough to boost tresses and to create marvellous evening hair designs. And at the same time it is not long and won't make you waste hours on styling and design. 2014-2015 hair trends show us medium hairstyles that are not complicated. Staying natural is still the trend. Inborn beauty is underlined with natural hairstyles, so do not go for exquisite hairstyles, just be yourself taking enough care. Hair trends of fall winter 2014-2015 only assure us that hair must be healthy, so don't waste time on styling, better take good care of your tresses. Among medium hairstyles as almost always we can find classy bob hairstyles, as well as lobs, the long bob styles, that can be styled accurately and left messy for "bedhead" effect. (more…)