Cute Easy Hairstyles

Modern Pixie Haircuts for Spring 2015

Hair trends 2015 vote for long hairstyles, but it doesn't mean that you can't look modern and attractive with super stylish short haircuts. Just on the contrary the pixie haircuts will make you look unique and will underline you facial features. But before going too edgy and crop off your tresses, you should consider some important things. For wearing short hair you should have ideal and very soft facial features, and big eyes. If you are a bit fatty then consider pixie haircuts with long side bangs to visually elongate your face.

Blonde Pixie Haircuts 2015 Pixie Haircuts 2015 for black women

Anyways the spring summer season is already in here and it's high time to change your looks and get the most inspiring hairstyles 2015. If you didn't have time enough to grow out your tresses, then make the contradicting change and choose popular short hairstyles. The blond hair color by itself is quite extravagant and combined with stylish short pixie looks smashing. Pixie haircuts for black women also look fantastic. (more…)

Fifty Shades of Grey: Dakota Johnson Hairstyles 2015

Saint Valentine's day is approaching closer and closer and for the whole world this year it doesn't only mean the day of people in love but also the première of the sensational movie "50 Shades of Grey" based on the novel that won hearts and set on fire minds. We have discussed once the main hero Jamie Dornan mens hairstyles and today I would shift your attention to celebrity hairstyles of Dakota Johnson.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson hairstyles 2015

When she was announced to take the role of Anastasia Steele many fans of the original novel were in doubt, but Dakota Johnson manages to promote the movie with elegance wearing the most appropriate outfit and following the hair trends 2015. Her hairstyles with bangs are supposed to be her signature style, but she never looks boring and surprises us with diversity of color and design. (more…)

Pretty Teen Hairstyles 2015

Teen Hairstyles 2015

Being a teen is so exciting and so non-stable, cause a girl at this age one day wants to be a grown up, the other day still wants to get back to her childhood. The same is with teen hairstyles. Spirits and character of teens can change very frequently and the young lady's wardrobe should be adopted to all her mood shifts. And also her hairstyle should be accustomed to her life style. Hair trends 2015 offer us so many diverse teen hairstyles 2015 that ou are free to choose any possible design for any day and any mood. The popular hairstyles include both short haircuts styled messy, and long polished hairstyles, your hair can be straight and curly. So all depends on your mood, the choice is wider than ever. Lets see some pretty examples of teenage hair now. (more…)

Cute & Easy Hairstyles 2015 To Be On-Trend Each Single Day

cute easy hairstyles 2015

The New Year Holidays are almost in here and after looking through party hairstyles, now you can come to think about the after party.

Indeed, I am sure that most of us, ladies, have chosen the gorgeous hairstyles for New Year Eve, we have thought of the dress, the make up and all possible details, but for a moment come to think that after the great party you will still have holidays. So what to do to look cute and not waste each day time on hair styling instead of having fun with family and friend? It's easy, just follow hair trends 2015 and stay natural! That means that easy hairstyles are what you will need after the noisy New Year celebration. You can just wash you long bob and leave it wavy or straight, you can style a messy braid from long tresses, a careless ponytail hairstyle. Just be sure that your is healthy and experiment with simple hair designs. (more…)

Stay-At-Home Casual Hairstyles for New Year 2015

stay-at-home hairstyles 2015

When it comes to some family holidays and celebrations we suddenly remember about relaxed and casual hairstyles that can fit to meeting New Year 2015 at home surrounded by family members.

For sure on the very Christmas and New Year eve the hairstyles should be chic and glamorous but what happens after? After the great day you still have some 10 days to relax and enjoy the holidays. So what to do with hair? How to manage creating popular hairstyles when you are at home? First of all keep in kind that stay-at-home ponytail hairstyles are not the only option and you are not bound to them. Consider pigtails, loose braids, simple updos and just voluminous and untidy long hairstyles. And remember that looking natural is what hair trends 2015 want from us, so with cute casual hairstyles the New Year will welcome you with open heart and warm hugs. See the celebrity hairstyles ideas fro stay-at-home looks. (more…)

2015 Hairstyles Tips From Paris Fashion Week

2015 Hairstyles From Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week this time surprised every body with natural hairstyles to be the hair trends 2015, and there was strangely something rebellious in that.

Natural hairstyles, smooth skin with almost no make up, shining eyes with no make up at all or with bold eyeliner - everything was pleasantly exciting and impressive in the City of Fashion, and no matter whether you adore floral print in clothing and flower hair accessories, or you prefer straight natural hair and modest dresses, you could find what you needed. The zest of this Fashion Week in Paris introducing spring summer 2015 hairstyles, laid in natural looks for sure and above all it is noted by the awaited comeback of long hairstyles. It was discussed before, but now let's consider what hairstyles tips we can learn to look trendy during SS15 season. Natural hairstyles and untouched skin don't mean that you it requires no care, it can require even more than before. (more…)

Simple Hairstyles & Cute Hair Accessories 2015

hair accessories SS15

Hair accessories always are among the most popular stuff in any lady's beauty kit, no matter hair length and type, we can always find the cutest way to underline our hairstyles.

During Paris Fashion Week many critics just couldn't say a thing when seeing Céline collection with impressive and lovely floral prints, and above this what surprised the audience more were very simple hairstyles that are now accepted to be the hair trends 2015. Easy hairstyles close to natural looks were spotted through all the past fashion weeks we have talked about: London Fashion Week, NYFW, Milan Fashion week all introduced incredibly simple hairstyles for spring summer 2015. But the zest lies in details. Cute easy hairstyles accompanied with modern hair accessory make wonderful solutions for the coming SS15. And why only spring and summer? You can have those hair accessories right now for your 2014 fall/winter 2015 hairstyles. (more…)