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Celebrity Inspired Short Hair Updos 2014

short hair updos 2014

When it comes to summer and hot weather we start to seek for changes in style and appearance. Not only our clothing becomes lighter and brighter, but hairstyles as well. Summer hairstyles first of all should be easy to maintain. This is the reason why many of us opt for short haircuts for summer days. Short hair can seem monotonous to some, but in reality a bit longer than a pixie will arm you with some styling options including updo hairstyles. Short popular hairstyles will give you a chance to have an easy haircut on one hand, that will turn to an elegant evening hairstyle on a special occasion on the other hand. You may say that it is impossible, but look through this article to find celebrity inspired short hair updos 2014. Celebrities are an infinite source of inspiration on many occasions and as for celebrity hairstyles the latest hair trends 2014 are first of all introduced by them. So here we go! (more…)

Astounding Celebrity Short Hairstyles 2014

astounding celebrity short hairstyles 2014

Short haircuts at first sight are the ones that require little care and look fantastic. This is one opinion. The others will say that short haircuts are all alike and you can never have different hairstyles with short hair. Many women will choose long popular hairstyles just because they are versatile. In their opinion. In reality short hair will arm you uncountable new summer hairstyles that look very stylish and on trend. The thing is to dare to go for short haircuts. Ladies are often simply afraid to cut off long tresses. But look here! Celebrity hairstyles are the best way to see what are the trends, what are the short hair possibilities. And once you discover astounding celebrity short hairstyles 2014, I am sure you will love at least some of them and dare to try. (more…)

Ultra Hot Blonde Hair Color Solutions for Summer 2014

ultra hot blonde hair color solutions for summer 2014

Blonde hair color is the one that attracts most attention.For men a woman with blonde hair is embodiment of femininity and an image of good mother that is considered to be genetic memory. Blonde hair color nowadays creates the most trendy hairstyles of the season it is very versatile. And not only naturally blondes can choose blonde hues, but redheads, browns and brunettes as well. You can become a total blonde, or choose having blonde highlights. From cold platinum blonde to the warmest honey blonde hair colors - all are popular summer hairstyles. Celebrity hairstyles are also now full of blonde hair ideas, so it's time for you to look through ultra hot blonde hair color solutions for summer 2014 and go for a change! (more…)

Modern Sensitive Marilyn Monroe Hairstyles 2014

Marilyn Monroe hairstyles

Marilyn Monroe is a beauty icon of all times. Women all over the world recreated her image for decades and even now her old photos look in the mainstream. Her hairstyle is a separate story. Based on a classy bob hairstyle, but accentuated with incredible blonde hair color, and the unbelievable curls made it an iconic hairstyle of the times. Many popular hairstyles chosen by celebrities introduce the same magical Marilyn Monroe blonde curls, that are elegant and sensual. Modern sensitive Marilyn Monroe hairstyles 2014 are the ones that usually have middle length varying from chin length to shoulder length. These trendy hairstyles can be designed not only with rollers as the well-known classy bob of the celebrity, but also with fringes and a bit wavy even sleek. (more…)

Flattening Celebrity Long Hairstyles 2014

celebrity long hairstyles 2014
Long hairstyles may look alike at first sight. But in reality it is not that simple. For different hair texture you need different careful choice of long haircuts. It is a responsible action, for sure with short and medium hair you must be even more attentive, and with long hair if the haircut doesn't suit you you can go for shorter layers. Yet why not to boost long gorgeous locks? For thick hair medium and long layers spread all over hair will be very good, cause they will remove bulkiness and add life. While with thin hair, make layers on front part and leave the rest of hair straight without layers, well some light layers will do as well. The best inspiration for you will be the below selection of flattening celebrity long hairstyles 2014 that will introduce to you the most trendy hairstyles for long hair of the current seasons. (more…)

Impeccable Hairstyles for Square Faces 2014

Sandra Bullock hairstyles for square faces 2014

Fashion and beauty standards are variable. Once people adored thin and skinny body shapes while now Asian standards are more popular. The same happens with hairstyles. Time changes and beauty features as well. For men square faces are a sign of boldness, strength and character and they do not need to choose special hairstyles for square faces, while for women the same features should be softened like we see in the most popular celebrity hairstyles. And here we can call on trendy hairstyles aimed at shaping your face, boosting the best features and hiding some imperfections. Impeccable hairstyles for square faces 2014 create proportional faces very easily with the help of awesome layering techniques and bangs styles. Yet there are certain things you should avoid if you have strong angular face shape:


Breathtaking Rihanna Short Hairstyles

rihanna short hairstyles

Rihanna is one of the most popular icons of the present. She is a well known hair and fashion chameleon, changing styles, finding new ways and always following the trends. She can have emerald green lipstick and pink hair. Rihanna can go from edgy short haircuts to long elegant and glamorous hairstyles. But the thing is that even though she is a traditional owner of natural black thick hair, she is not wearing natural hairstyles for black women and prefers celebrity hairstyles.Why breathtaking Rihanna short hairstyles fit her more than long gorgeous tresses? (more…)