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The Most Charming Braids Hairstyles 2015


Braided hairstyles came into fashion long ago and for several recent seasons one after the other they keep being trendy and SS15 season will be no exclusion.

To get ready for hair trends 2015 we have seen many Fashion Week hairstyles that inspire us to look natural and relaxed and boost inner beauty. And braids do not exclude that all. Many braided hairstyles were spotted during New York Fashion Week and Lara Hoffman famous messy fishtail became a real event. But it is not only about fashion shows, in every day life we ladies can easily adopt many braided hairstyles that will help us look cute and neat, and will be easy to design each day. The variety of braids styles now allows us to learn the most suitable designs for spring summer 2015 hairstyles. To help us in this job let's turn for advice to celebrity hairstyles and I am sure we will find the most charming braids hairstyles 2015 among them. (more…)

Rihanna Matte Lipstick and Ponytail Hairstyles SS15

Rihanna glamorous ponytail

Rihanna is the most well known hair chameleon ever, changing her celebrity hairstyles not from season to season, but each single day and setting the trends for most popular hairstyles ever.

We have considered Rihanna short haircuts once before and today I'd like to introduce to you her great makeover for Los Angeles amfAR gala. We knew her before with all possible hairstyles of all hair colors but this time she was totally in hair trends 2015. Her dress from SS15 collection by Tom Ford and her matte orange lipstick fitted the tendencies in fashion for next spring summer simply perfectly. Rihanna celebrity hairstyles always are vibrant and impressive from short shaved side hairstyles to glamorous long hairstyles, straight and curly, relaxed and elegant. This time Rihanna showed up with waist long low ponytail hairstyle with side bang and set the trend for hairstyles 2015 I must say. The celebrity looked awesome with that new hairstyle. (more…)

Penelope Cruz Celebrity Hairstyles for 2015

celebrity hairstyles 2015

Penelope Cruz is the beloved actress of world wide know directors Pedro Almodovar and Woody Allen and this has its distinct reasons.

Her unique and characteristic beauty of a passionate Spanish woman is rather recognizable in all her movies, her rapacious black eyes like Spanish olives and her sensual lips, her famous brunette hair color is a standard of beauty everywhere. But she can be a chameleon as well despite her distinct image we all know well enough. Her celebrity hairstyles can vary from movie to movie, from long brunette hairstyles to short blond haircuts, from strict and elegant updo hairstyles to loose and romantic beach wavy hairstyles. It all depends on the gist and Penelope manages to perfectly recreate the mood of any character she happens to play. Her popular hairstyles are already the best inspiration for women in any corner of the world and still some of her iconic hair designs will set the hair trends 2015 again I am sure. (more…)

Timeless Wedding Hairstyles for 2015

wedding hairstyles for 2015

Wedding hairstyles are a topic for infinite discussions, and many designs and hair solutions are very individual for each woman.

When you already have the engagement ring on you finger, when you have chosen the wedding dress, and made all the arrangements for wedding ceremony and after party, there is still one thing that requires your attention: wedding hairstyles. Bridal hairstyles should express yourself and to tell the truth it is not that easy to create a chic hairstyles that will alone reflect your character, individuality and your feelings of the greatest day in your life. The requirements for popular wedding hairstyles are quite simple yet very deep. It should be something elegant, simple, actual for all times and very individual. Let's discuss now timeless wedding hairstyles for 2015 collected from the most prominent weddings throughout the past decades, that left their unforgettable trace in fashion history. (more…)

2014 Fall / Winter 2015 Brunette Hair Colors Inspiration

brunette hair colors 2015

Brunette hair color has always been a favourite choice for many celebrities and this season 2014 fall / winter 2015 is no exclusion.

With the weather having changed to a colder period, and with the nature as if fading away eith the last rays of sun, we all seek for a cup of hot tea, or coffee or hot chocolate. And is the mentioned drinks color we ladies also need to deepen your hair color to stay in touch with the changes in nature and to keep the warmth of summer in deep and warm hair colors 2015. From the above words you can guess that I lead to 2014 Fall / Winter 2015 brunette hair colors and celebrity hairstyles, that have been during ages the most popular color for beauty bunnies, starting from Audrey Hepburn with her dark and sharp pixie that caught all eyes and ending with the modern times beauty Penelope Cruz with her brunette hair color with highlights. (more…)

Fall 2014 Hairstyles: Celebrity Street Style

Katie Holmes hairstyles 2014: street style
Street style introduces the most popular hairstyles by celebrities. Stars are just humans as all of us are, and in every day life they adopt the same street style as we do. We can hardly find a super star that has her own hair stylist for every day. when a celebrity wants to go to the nearest supermarket, she has the simple ever popular hairstyles like ponytails, messy "bedhead" hair, and famous bun hairstyles. Hair trends 2014 have followed celebrities everywhere and for fall 2014 we have a special gallery for celebrity street style. You can look through it and come to know how to have celebrity gorgeous looks even without make up and special hairstyle. With casual looks they are still stars, even when not on the red carpet. Bad hair days haunt every woman around the world, see the best hairstyles solutions for such cases. (more…)

2014 Fall / Winter 2015 Auburn Hair Color Trends & Celebrity Hairstyles

fall 2014 auburn hair color trends

Auburn hair color involves vivacious hair shades from deep plum auburn hair color to light auburn, that is best seen on celebrity hairstyles and can be well copied to look sexy and hot this 2014 fall / winter 2015 season!

A whole class of hair hues and shades is represented by auburn hair color. You can never get bored by choosing some new tone appropriate to your mood, wardrobe and for sure season. With arrival of September we all come to think of warmer hair shades and I am sure that many of us are ready to go for a bold change towards auburn hair color. As I have said it's a vast field for experimenting and hair colors 2014 are now upgraded with new color variations: you can try copper auburn, maroon auburn, go to highlights with auburn, and ombre on auburn hair color. Auburn has unique feature to perfectly underline contrasting eye color. (more…)