Sexy Top Knot Hairstyles for Men 2015

At the very beginning of times, men wore long hairstyles and everybody felt comfortable. Then trends changed very abruptly towards short manly hairstyles and wearing long hair was already not acceptable. Long hairstyles for men were worn only by very few people that were not included in high society. However as times change, the hair trends 2015 for men have introduced us some long hairstyles. And I must say that they look very masculine. The main touch for these hairstyles for men is for sure the beard that during the recent seasons keep on being highly trendy. Well, if we consider mens long hairstyles with perfectly shaved face, it may look a bit confusing, especially with hair styled into a trendy updo. But these extra stylish top knot hairstyles for men for fall 2015 are all accompanied with beards and they look very manly and sexy.

mens hairstyles top knots 2015

Celebrities, models and common mens hairstyles are gathered in this post devoted to top knots for men. They can be low and high, and with shaved sides, where only crown part is left long. Do not hesitate to scroll down and see the new tendencies for men top knots.

Celebrity top knots

mens hairstyles top knots 2015 10Collin Farrel mens hairstyles top knots 2015

As you see the top knot and beard style is closely followed by men celebs that we all love. Collin looks strange at first, then through the beard and long hair you clearly see the image of a mature man.

Modern updo hairstyles for men

modern mens hairstyles top knots 2015

Actually many guys now run for trends and choose hairstyles that are incompatible with their features. As for me top knots should be worn by brunette guys in first place that have healthy thick mane, that arouse jealousy even in women. And on the whole long hair should be worn by men with healthy, dense, glossy tresses.

top knot for curly mens hairstyles celebrity man top knots 2015

Relaxed top knot for men 2015 Fall

relaxed mens hairstyles 2015 In some cases top knots can look quite official, while in other times we see them as a perfect beach hairstyles for men, on skin tanned and hair burnt by sun, it looks super sexy.

Top Knot mens hairstyles for work

sexy mens hairstyles top knots 2015 mens hairstyles top knots for work If you have long hair that you love to wear loose, and you still have to go to work, then top knots can become you best friends in styling hair for work. With office outfit knots for men can look very elegant and representative.

Diverse top knots for men 2015

curly mens hairstyles top knots 2015

mens hairstyles top knots and beards elegant mens hairstyles top knots 2015

As we can see top knots for fall 2015 can be meant for different occasions, they can look elegant and official, and also very relaxed and soft. It's up to you to decide how you want to look today!