Lovely Wedding Braids Hairstyles 2017

Looking forward to spring to come, brides are already planning their wedding braids hairstyles 2017 and wed dresses and all the other details.Yes, for this day of uniting two souls into one, on the day of creating your own family you have to look smashing. The choice of dress and shoes and earrings is important. However, no less important is to decide on wed hair. And bridal braids seem to be the most sane solution. Simply because braids have so many styles and variations that you simply can't fail to choose the one that will fit you.


From simple braided ponytails to exquisite wrap-arounds and fusion of various plaiting styles, braids will proudly accompany you on your way to the altar. Now let's see what various designs are there for brides.

Braided strands into low buns for wedding




You know, bridal hair trends 2017 have already been represented on runways. From simple mid parts casual relaxed hair to sleek buns, but braids were not too many. However, I am deeply sure that the designs of braided strands ending in a low bun and with some hair pieces in the mane will never stop being the best bridal hair looks.

Bridal milkmaid braids hair ideas

wedding-milkmaid-braids-2017 wedding-braids-2017

Ladies will long hair are free to choose any braided look they want. For example, such milkmaid braids will really be very appropriate. Not very tight indeed, with a few strands casually left out to add a romantic note. Wedding hair supposes the use of accessories. Thus, do not be afraid to plait a silk band into hair or add jewel pieces.

Long wedding braids hairstyles 2017


Another nice way to wear braids is one single solid plaited strand swept to one side. This style will look very feminine, it is plain, yet gives place to your fancy. So you can merge various plaiting styles, and you can add flowers into the tail, or jewels. The tail can be tight and relaxed that will create various effects.


Some may think that one solid strands is way too simple for wedding braids hairstyles 2017. However, look at the above pictures. What you see is still one braid but designed so masterfully. With various size braided strands merging into each other, with huge fishtail adorned like hair of a goddess, these looks are definitely worthy for your wed day.


Finally, here is a very easy look. But personally¬†I really love it. It is so innocent and pure, that actually doesn't need any complementing details.