Black Women Trendy Popular Sisterlocks Hairstyles

For the lovers of protective hairstyles, here are some ideas on trendy sisterlocks. In 1993 Dr. JoAnne Cornwell put the start to a brand new trend for locs. What are sisterlocks? And why they are so popular nowadays? Actually, the answer is quite obvious. Sisterlocks represent dreads but very small, tiny and thin. This in its place will give as many styling opportunities as own hair will. In a word, black women sisterlocks hairstyles are known for their flexibility and functionality. On the other hand, they last quite long. Although you will need to go for regular re-twist each month. But this is something that you can learn to do on your awn, thus avoid spending extra money on this procedure.

best black women sisterlocks hairstyles

By the way, though sisterlocks are amazing, they are also expensive. So be ready to spend some of your savings to get them done. Eventually, anything requires sacrifice. 

Long hairstyles out of sisterlocks

black women sisterlocks

soft brown sisterlocks hairstyles

However, money is not the onl sacrifice needed for sisterlocks. You must be ready to spend time too. Well, creating locks usually may take from 10 up to 34 hours. Depending on the length and on the texture you can spend more than a day in the salon. Sounds crazy, right? However, you can take it cause the result you will get is really amazing.

Blonde and brown sisterlocks

cool long siterlocks hairtsyles


One of the reasons why these exceptional black women sisterlocks hairstyles are so expensive is that few people do it. Actually this trademarked method is performed only by certified specialist. So if you want them you need to visit a pro that has done courses in this particular braiding technique. Otherwise, you may get poorly done locs that will result in stressed hair, tension and headaches. For sure, it is much worth to go once and to a good stylist that knows his job. By the way, sisterlocks are not necessarily black or of solid color. Above pictures show brown and even smooth blonde babylights transition.

Cool black women sisterlocks hairstyles



Actually, this type of protective hairstyles looks really cool. And due to the fact that strands are really very tin, they more look like natural relaxed hair. Besides, there are many complicated updos that are style based on such type of locs. So once you decide to go for them, I am sure you will remain satisfied with the result.