Best Hairstyles for Black Men for 2016

Hairstyles for black men have always been unique and extraordinary. And that is due to incomparable hair type and texture. Dry and frizzy hair, very often curly, allowed men to go on inventing the best hair solutions throughout history. That is why we are very likely to see a black guy with long box braids, with statement dreads, and even twists. Of course this is not only about natural protective hairstyles. The short haircuts are also worth attention – the shaved sides or patterned sides crops, the Mohawk styles, the most popular fade hairstyles are all very fitting African American face shape, features and life style.

best hairstyles for black men 2016

Hair trends 2016 for black mens’ hair designs keep on following one tendency – anything you like close to looking natural. That is to say you can´t suddenly take and straighten your hair dying it blonde. But you can choose any authentic looking hairstyle you wish, and they are quite many indeed.

Cornrows for black men

Cornrows hairstyles for black men for 2016 Creative cornrow hairstyles for black men

Cornrows are the very tight braided hairstyles for black males mostly, that are so versatile that you can hardly imagine. How can it be? Due to patterns! Look at the photos. With cornrows the stylist can create snakes and zigzags and cobwebs and any other images.

cornrow braids hairstyles for black men neat cornrow hairstyles for black men

These are the hairstyles for men that will allow you to live in peace for a month or two and forget about hair issues. They will protect you natural tresses and they will grow out quickly.

Dreadlocks hairstyles for black men

Sexy dreadlocks for black men

Dreads in a bun hairstyles for black men dreads hairstyles for black men creative dreads hairstyles

Another popular looks for black males are the dreads. Though their popularity seemed to reach its peak some decade ago, they are still within the common people and you can very often see guys with dread hairstyles.

Fade haircuts for black men

Usher short fade haircuts Will Smith fade haircuts

The African American hair is so that you either have to keep it long to create some braids on it, our you should keep it extremely short. The fade short haircuts so popular among celebrities, is one of the most widely spread short cuts for African American men. It is neat and accurate and doesn’t require too much efforts to style each time.

Black men Mohawk hairstyles

Best Mohawk hairstyles for black men

Black Mohawk hairstyles Black kids Mohawk hairstyles

Among the black guys you can always find the most brave and stylish ones that want to stand out of the crowd and catch all eyes on the, They commonly use Mohawk hairstyles, that attract attention immediately. The sides can be totally shaved, or crop cut and patterned and the Mohawk part can be straight and curly, a bit longer or shorter.