Best Cornrow Braids to Try Right Now

Braids hairstyles are incredibly versatile and it seems that every day we face some new styles appear in social networks, designed and invented by common people. From classy French braids to dreads, we have seen so many styles and variations that hardly anything can surprise us now. However there is one old good style that came forward again during fashion weeks and hair trends 2016 - and we talk about cornrows. The popular hairstyles have been seen not only on black women, many celebrities have appeared with cornrow braids at fashion shows, red carpet and in common life.

Best Cornrow Braids to try right now

Cornrows are a really complicated style, plaited with three strands. Still modern hair looks do not force you to wear all mane plaited. Just one strand in cornrows can convert your image at once, add some zest to you waves or an updo hairstyles. Don´t you believe me? Let´s see the braided hairstyles pictures right now!

Cornrow braids for black women

Cute Cornrow Braids for black women Nice Cornrow Braids

Sexy Cornrow Braids

Being one of the best protective hairstyles, cornrows were originally meant for black hair type and was worn by black women mostly. These braids are not dull at all, you can have cornrows plaited close to your skin, that end in another braids like French or Dutch ones. This mixture of style create unique images that you will surely like.

Best Cornrow Braids Hairstyles

Cornrow braids into French braids

Best Cornrow Braidsand red hair color

Best Cornrow Braids  into French Braids Cornrows and French Braids

These are some good examples of style combination. One one side we see kinky cornrows so typical for African American hairstyles and on the other hand we see the most classy variation of plaits - the French braid. The good thing about cornrows are the possibility to use any possible hair extensions - of natural hair colors and of bright red for example.

Best Cornrow Braids and Twists

Cornrows can sometimes end in twists. And here you are free to play with colors and types of twists to create the fabulous looks that only you will have.

Cornrows braids for white women

Cornrows braids hairstyles for white women

Recently cornrows braids have been adopted by white women as well. If not all the tresses plaited, then some thin strand will surely add some chic to your style.

Celebrity cornrows braids

Cara Delevingne cornrow braids Kendall Jenner Cornrow Braids

Celebrities never stand apart and on the contrary they are the ones to set the new hair trends and mainstream direction. The singers and super models have tried having some cornrows on sides accompanied with wavy or straight hair, and they look really awesome! These delicate strands of cornrows can create not only casual hairstyles, but also they are a good solution for holiday hairstyles and looks.

Shakira Cornrow Braids