Trendiest Celebrity Hairstyles 2016 Summer

Celebrity hairstyles for summer 2016 are here in one article to inspire us with summer mood. In some regions of the world it is still cold and people do not even feel the spring, but there are corners where ladies are getting ready for summer time already. The beat says it is wardrobe, it is bags and accessories, it is shoes, it is bright make-up and for sure it is statement hairstyles. Below the list of celebrities with the best choice of haircuts will be introduced and though we see long and short haircuts, I have to mention that for summer hair trends 2016 sport bob and lob hairstyles, and the most famous beauty bunnies will prove it.

Best Celebrity Hairstyles 2016 Summer

Among the classy long and straight hair, we see the the main in vogue style is bobn, and in many cases for summer it is completed with blonde hair shades, all with butter and honey, coffee with cinnamon and caramel shades.

Long hairstyles 2016

Alison Brie Hairstyles 2016 Summer Candice Swanepoel Hairstyles 2016 Summer

Julianne Moore Hairstyles 2016 Summer Alicia Vikander Hairstyles 2016 Summer

In past when we talked about long hair, some of us had fear in their eyes. Taking so much care, endless procedures and complicated hairstyles. However, this is in past. The modern trends consider the best look to be relaxed and natural. So you just wash and dry your long hairstyles and leave as they are - straight or wavy, messy or polished, center or side parted. And you are trendy.

Kelly Rohrbach Hairstyles 2016 Summer

Olivia Palermo Hairstyles 2016 Summer

Well, you have to pay attention to color for sure. For summer it may vary from deep dark and bitter chocolate to the most sweet honey blonde. Among them the red copper of Julianne Moore will always find it niche.

Celebrity lob and bob hairstyles for 2016 summer

Jessica Alba Hairstyles 2016 Summer

The sensation of the season will be the lob haircut for sure. All the celebrities wearing bob are tending to grow it out a bit to have the most au couture long bob version. No matter whether styled straight and sleek or flirtily wavy, it is amazing.

Celebrity bob hairstyles

Bella Heathcote Hairstyles 2016 Summer Naomi Watts Hairstyles 2016 Summer Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles 2016 Summer

And finally the nominee look of the coming season - the bob hairstyle and a winning combination with blonde hair colors. It is not only sun and sunkissed blonde but about the relaxed and casual bob styles we see on the pictures. The most fantastic wash-n-go hairstyles ever! And be sure to choose the right color for your outfit. It should be something of darker and brighter colors to underline the blonde and the shortness of bob, drawing attention to your neck and face.