PFW Street Style Looks & Hairstyles 2016

Going through the runways and streets of the Big Four Fashion Cities we finally came to the the most trendy and fashionable city in the world - Paris. Before we consider the catwalk looks, I would to walk together with you along the autumn Paris streets and see the unforgettable looks and popular street hairstyles, that in some sense set the definite trends in fashion and style than the runway designer shows. Admire the outfit, enjoy the walk as if you were in Paris and get ready to copy the best hairstyles for 2016 from the common people in streets of Paris Fashion Week SS16.

PFW street hairstyles 2016

While the runways have their own tendencies, we see that ladies in street sport long hairstyles and center parts at first place. Some adore bob haircuts, and black women are fully devoted to their natural hairstyles. Intrigued? Here we go then through the street style looks and cute hairstyles or Paris!

Paris Fashion Week Center Parted Hairstyles

Paris long center parted hairstyles 2016 Paris long center parted hairstyles 2016 for brunettes

Paris long center parted hairstyles 2016 for blondes Paris long center parted hairstyles 2016 and caramel highlights

On the Paris streets the journalist, reporters, fashion lovers and common people like you and me somehow convert into beauty icons, and the first trend they bring are definitely the center parts. Maybe because they look casual and correspond to the tendency of looking natural, maybe they are easy. No matter what, long center parted hairstyles filled Paris.

Paris wavy center parted hairstyles 2016

Paris off-centered hairstyles 2016

By the way center parts followed us not only on the street of Paris, but also London street style looks and runways included many cute easy hairstyles with center parting. So mind it for your future look!

Paris Fashion Week SS16 bob hairstyles

Paris bob hairstyles 2016 Paris classy sleek bob hairstyles 2016

We follow the trends, we try to keep up with the most fashionable looks, and thus we grow out hair and devote too much time to styling it, while look at the above pictures! Some of us sport bob haircuts, and they look really awesome! whether sleek center parted bob cuts, or flirty wavy bobs - they are fantastic!

Paris Fashion Week side swept street hairstyles

Paris side swept hairstyles 2016

Paris brunette side swept hairstyles 2016

Paris curly side swept hairstyles 2016

While the majority of beauty bunnies seen on streets follow center parted trends, we found some who liked side swept hairstyles. And why not? the main thing about hair trends 2016 is staying natural and authentic. If you feel comfortable with side parting, then do it!

Paris side swept bob hairstyles 2016

Street style updos from Paris SS16

Paris low ponytail hairstyles 2016

If you are among those we managed to grow out hair to perfectly fit the tendencies and hairstyling directions, then you must pay attention to street style updos too. The very simple low ponytail, a life saving hairstyle for many of us, looks really fashionable when combined with proper outfit.

Paris low bun hairstyles 2016

Paris casual bun hairstyles 2016

Or casual low bun hairstyle. Simple, easy and relaxed they will complete you image, even if you are wearing sporty outfit, the romantic bun will make you look sweet.

Natural hairstyles 2016 from Paris Streets

Paris natural hairstyles 2016

Black women and their hair texture is a separate story. For so many years we have seen black curly hair being straightened and tortured, but finally now we can face natural hairstyles for black women and openly adore them. The new hairstyles trends for the coming spring summer seasons have put it quite straight - natural texture for black hair is cool!