MFW Hair Trends 2017 & Street Style Looks

Milan Fashion Week definitely has its own view on hair trends 2017. Having walked along the streets in New York and London, now let me take you to Milan. Here you will see the triumph of style and delicate looks, cause Italy always stands out with the refined taste of its inhabitants. Mostly of fashion center Milan. Street style looks are more than runways emerged into the world of fashion. By the way, it is the people in streets that can drastically change the course of events and trends every season. So to be in the course of what's going on, we obviously need to see the MFW popular hairstyles pictures.


It is not about one exact and defined hair look, it is a feast of sort and long style, of ever popular bob cuts, of mid parts and side swepts. However, modern tendencies have some unique touches on each style that you definitely need to know.

#1 Top knots from Milan streets


This past summer was flooded with top knots and as we can see the tendency to this casual updos is still in full blossom. So why not learn to style the relaxed but sensual buns now?

#2 Mid part hair trends 2017 MFW



Actually, I won't be wrong if I call mid parts the most wide spread and the most trendy looks spotted on the streets of Milan. Low buns and ponytails have center parting. Bob cuts are mid part. Long and sleek hairstyles have middle parted section. It says a lot indeed.

#3 Side part hairstyles from Milan



Among hair trends 2017, side swept hairstyles as always represent the category of the most elegant styles. Somehow even the most casual outfit and look can become a little more glamorous once you pull hair to one side.Pictures prove it.

#4 Bangs hairstyles MFW street style

hairstyles-with-bangs-for-2017 bangs-hairstyles-2017-mfw

Bangs are much talked of this fashion month. It was Burberry with models that had fringes, it was Rodarte with short but vast bangs. And no less important are the ladies in streets that seem to have adopted bangs too.

#5 Bob hairstyles trends for spring 2017

mfw-street-style-bob-cuts-2017 bob-hairstyles-2017-mfw

Bob cuts are in fashion, they always are actually. And I am deeply sure they are not going away any day soon. So you can just adore them or go and get one. To make it look trendy try making soft waves combined with middle parting.

#6 Short hairstyles Milan Fashion Week

short-haircuts-ss17 short-hairstyles-2017

No mater how widely spread and roted are the long hairstyles and bob cuts now, there is always left some space for short hair like pixie.

Photos - courtesy of Vogue.