7 Best Bob Hairstyles Ideas For Any Occasion

The most trendy styles of the year are here - bob hairstyles. Well, on the one hand nobody will deny that they are cool and nice. Besides, the length is perfect to allow you to save your time usually spent on styling hair care procedures. However, bob cuts are short. For many women, this is a disadvantage that will deprive them of greatest choice of hairstyles long hair provide. Well, here is the point of argue. On the one hand, it is true that long hair provides with greatest variety of choice for any occasion.On the other hand, bob is the perfect hairstyles precisely due to its length. The chin length allows you to create updos, make braids, roll the curls, and straighten tresses.

best bob hairstyles ideas

It appears that bob is really perfect! Below you will find 7 best bob hair ideas. Depending on your mood today and on the event you are preparing for, feel free to choose any of them. Diversity is all in here.

#1 bangs and bob cuts

bob hairstyles with bangs

Well, fringes can be a drastic solution if you are preparing just for a single event. However, I have to say that bangs are cool and very in fashion now. So if you like them, change for bob with bangs for a while.

#2 curls and coils

curly bob hairstyles

The best way to change your appearance in an instance is to go curly. Especially, if you have sleek hair usually, this transformation will attract much attention. Besides curly bob hairstyles look very playful and naughty.

#3 timeless vintage bob hairstyles

vintage bob hairstyles

For an elegant look there is nothing better than to turn to the past decades. It is all about the charm of 1920's, the endless adoration of Marylin Monroe and short curled bobs.

#4 soft waves

wavy bob hairstyles

This is exactly the trend of the season. The waves that look casual, barely styled, as if broken strands. Take the curling iron and just break slightly each strand.

#5 sleek and straight

extra sleek straight bob hairstyles

In contrast to curls, above you see extremely sleek and straight bobs. They look strict and elegant and will fit even a red carpet event.

#6 side parts

side swept bob hairstyles

If you are not very keen on curlnig hair, or on cutting bangs, just change you hair parting. Go from center to side and viceversa,

#7 bob updos

updo bob hairstyles

Bob hairstyles length allows you to go for updo styles as well. Take bobby pins and fix a messy downdo. Or just create a trendy half up half down knots.