Cool Short Box Braids Hairstyles For Black Women

With the intensely rising popularity of bob hairstyles, it is quite natural that they go spreading among all categories of people, into each corner of the world. It is not just the hairstyles of business women and models on the catwalks. Bob cuts are the styles that each woman can adopt form Asia to Africa to US. So there is nothing surprising that black women also managed to adopt the trend in their way. Well, for black ladies you will find two options. One is to relax hair and boast straight bob. But it will imply some difficulties in regards to styling and care. So there is the second and best option - short box braids hairstyles. Yes, these are the very protective hairstyles but of bob cut length. Isn't it amazing to wear your comfortable locs and boast one of the trendiest cuts of our times? Definitely, these styles are worthy trying.


Below you will find a short gallery with some ideas on short braids hairstyles for black women. Give space to your fantasy and play with bog and micro braids, with colors and beads. This will provide a unique look to you.

Overgrown bob length box braids hairstyles

short-protective-hairstyles trendy-short-box-braids

long-bob-bix-braids-hairstyles cute-short-bo-length-braids

Actually when we get to discuss short box braids hairstyles, we also have to take into account that there are some other styles too. Take for example Senegalese Twists, or yarn braids. All of them look nothing but fantastic on short length that is so fashionable right now. If you do not want to go chin length short, then you are free to adopt another style - lob cut. The overgrown bob can always be make pretty and trendy when you leave it grow until shoulders. For protective styles, this is very nice and the length allows some more styling options.

Street style short box braids hairstyles



As always, let's have a look at some street style inspiration. The best looks come from beauty bunnies that invent their own styles and rock them in streets. Take the above young lady with short box braids and a cute hat. Isn't a nice way to look today?

Ultra trendy bob hairstyles out of box braids

black-women-short-box-braids cool-bob-length-box-braids

In a word, you can see yourself how cool he short locs can look. So go ahead and adopt the current trend to get the image you have been dreaming of.